Do You Re-read?


I was waiting for a download to finish when a thought struck me about a post I read about a few days ago. It was when I was looking around the internet for new blogs I could obsess over that I found a post from a book blogger about re-reading books. In that post the writer said that she does not re-read books for personal reasons she might have explained thoroughly but being the attentive person that I am I totally forgot what they were. Anyways, do any of you re-read books? I’ll let you in on a little secret. I DO. To be quite honest, I thought everybody did it as well, but apparently, that’s not the case. I love to read and it’s something I have said over and over and I am probably becoming so boring because I keep repeating it. So for me, it came naturally that the books I own, I have read them at least twice.

I know. Books stay the same whether you just got them or you’ve owned them for 76 years. The words don’t change, the characters are the same, and the story ends the exact same way it did when you first read it. Despite this, there are books that I have read for God know how many times (To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, I’m talking about you). But come on, don’t you ever feel like there has to be more than what you just read? Or didn’t you ever wonder if you will realize something else if you read it just one more time? Or stupid as it may seem but maybe things might change a bit? Or maybe you just liked the book so much you just had to read it again?

There are things about some stories that you get as immediately as you read them. But then, and I know some will agree, there are things that you only understand when you are in a situation where it perfectly makes sense. There are those things so perfectly worded that explains exactly how you feel about something, but you just couldn’t find the right words for it. Then you smile and think, “Yup, I thought so too.” I am writing this and all I could think about is the court scene in Mockingbird. This was one of those things which I had to see more of the world to fully understand what any of it meant. Or for that matter, what the whole story really meant to me. I can say I’ve had good experiences in re-reading books. Like realizing new things, picking up new lessons on the way, and seeing stories in different perspectives.  It sometimes surprises me at how different I can feel about something I’ve already read. But then at the end of the day, I always enjoy the journey, of flipping through the pages, and getting excited all over again when I know what’s gonna happen anyway. And besides, what are you gonna do with that pile of books sitting around right? Might as well give them some love!

I like revisiting things. I am cheesy like that.



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