Why I Like (no, LOVE) to Read


       In a person’s lifetime, I believe that there will be many loves…many passions you want to pursue and I think there is nothing wrong with that- wanting many things. As I contemplate on this, I think about the many things I love and those I really want to pursue. One of mine would be reading.

     Well I don’t think there is a profession that would entail reading alone. I love reading. As in LOVE. I could read books up until 3 AM, sleep, wake up at about nine in the morning, then read the whole day out. It is actually relaxing for me. Also, when I read, I imagine myself in that moment, in that page. What would I do? What could I have done? I would even argue with the characters. But reading for me does not end with books. I read anything from magazines to brochures and even to product labels. I read billboards and postage stamps and plaques and certificates. As a child, I was not allowed to go out and play with other kids in our neighborhood. I was the only child at that time and was very sickly, My mom would tell me stories of being rushed to the hospital every month. So naturally, they had to give me something to do to pass time (you know kids). Aside from showering me with all kinds of toys a girl that age would want, they bought me books to read.

      I can’t remember ever hating reading. Assignments given in school which entail reading are a joy to me. I learned to read early because of my early exposure. I love how reading enlightens me to pools of knowledge and wisdom. Maybe another thing that brought me to this is my curiosity. i think that a healthy amount of curiosity is good for everyone. A person does not only learn and seek because of sheer physical need but also of curiosity. And learning new things is always fun, if you see how it will bring good. It has always been said that reading is very healthy for a person. Even the richest and the smartest read. it comes with the realization that a person can never know it all. Reading is a part of that constant search for truth and knowledge. The mysteries of life itself may not be unfolded in front of you, but the knowledge you gain in that quest is greatly useful to man. People read for many reasons, but it always boils down to man’s search for the truth. Even reading personal views of other people help us go through life. Experience really is the best teacher, whether it is yours or not.

    Technology has brought drastic changes to how people read nowadays. I don’t think books are obsolete, but with the presence of the computer and other gadgets (like the IPAD), it makes reading accessible to everyone. The internet is a universe of knowledge, good and bad. And reading an immense amount of  information at such a free medium can be a lot to handle so discernment is also key. Reading humbles you. It keeps you grounded that you still have much to learn and want to read more. Reading one book creates a cycle, a quest.

     Well, reading is an adventure. You go places and meet people. You reflect and discover things about yourself. It’s those moments when I find myself smiling that I find precious. I can’t save those moments, but those things I read, maybe realized and made me smile will stay.

     Maybe to some people, it is a bore, but the next time you read a street sign, know that you read something that could have just saved your life. Reading is a very worthwhile activity that I think everyone should engage in, so let’s read a lot more shall we?


P.S. This piece was an old one from my notebook years ago. I saw it and felt like sharing it. I hope anyone who reads it will like it and will let me know what they think.


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