Tears and Sun

For in tears, I try to find solace And in the water I try to find answers Where are they? They elude me so often I wish to one day see What it is that would make me smile One that is sincere One that is true One that does not hide anything underneath Will... Continue Reading →


REVIEW: Memnoch The Devil

"Do you know what I think about crying? I think some people have to do it. But once you learn, once you know how to really cry, there’s nothing quite like it. I feel sorry for those who don’t know the trick. It’s like whistling or singing." -Lestat

I Don’t Make Resolutions

I know this post is quite late on the “new year’s resolutions bandwagon” but I’m still gonna do it just because. So here it goes, I’m gonna say it. I don’t make resolutions. I believe I tried a few times, but then, after seeing how a painful imbecile I can be when it comes to... Continue Reading →

#WW: The Lonely Writer

So, so true

Shannon A Thompson

#WW: The Lonely Writer

Writing can be lonely. The career often demands hours of solitude – aside from our characters – and while our characters can be very real to us, there are still those days where a living, breathing human being might be nice to talk to. Most of the time, this urge only comes to me when I can’t find the strength to face my characters, and one of those times is right now.

I won’t call it writer’s block. I don’t believe in it. Writer’s block is almost a hysteria to me. But I can admit that I currently have writer’s depression – well, in reality, I think it’s safe to say I am depressed – but calling it writer’s depression allows me to focus on how my sadness affects my writing life.


Ever since losing my publisher, it has been difficult. It has been hard to…

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And Now We Wait

I am now sitting waiting for huge doors leading to a foreign land open. It's a new year and i pretty much start it by waiting. Lame? Maybe not... I think we all wait. For something, for someone, for things we want or we dread. Nevertheless, I find it quite fun right? Not knowing what... Continue Reading →

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