REVIEW: Memnoch The Devil


I have read a few good books in my years of being absolutely obsessed about reading and with it I have grown to like (or love) some authors who I think speak to me better than others. I just recently got a book I have been trying to get my hands on for a while, and all I can say is that it was superb and intriguing… Anne Rice is very well known for her Vampire Chronicles which in my point of view is the best vampire series EVER. Anyway, this novel was written richly and smoothly but to be honest I was a bit skeptic about how do the characters all fall perfectly into the story. However, as I read on I realized that I was slowly making perfect sense.

This is an individual novel, one that you would understand as a whole without having the absolute need to buy the other ones. Of course the characters weren’t new to me, but they are simply introduced in the conversations that someone unfamiliar with the Anne Rice classics could enjoy as well. But I think you must have a pretty open mind if you want to read this book because it portrays (with perfection) a part of our belief on Heaven and Hell; good and evil; God and the Devil. I know that this book maybe old school to most of you, but I suggest to really give it a shot if you haven’t read it yet. It is brilliantly written. I finished it in awe, like “Dang, that was good…” If you are the type who likes light, refreshing books, I think you should pass, but if you like fast-paced, page turning, almost dark stories, then this is perfect for you.

When I reached that final word, I immediately thought to myself, what did it say again? It got me thinking real deep. I think we all have our own perceptions of the world we live in and how we ever really got here. There have been many theories, and stories, and assumptions on the creation of man. We have watched how man, over time, has tried to define the lines between good and evil. We have searched high and low for the very definition of what it is to be a good human being which would qualify salvation. This novel touches n the sensitive issue of what the society believes is the criteria for salvation. It speaks of that debate on whether everyone deserves to be saved. It discussed, through Memnoch and Lestat (my love), circumstances surrounding human life that may or may not lead to salvation or Heaven as some of us might call it.

And what does this salvation mean? Is it absolute? Does it transcend time and human understanding ? What is evil? Is it necessary?  To be quite honest, I had to ask myself on what my beliefs were. Not that they were shaken in any way, but it came to me that this is an aspect of our life which is very crucial, but is also very often overlooked. People have beliefs, but sometimes, they are empty. It’s not enough that you believe in something, you need to have faith. This speaks of the questions we have asked ourselves once in our lifetime. It tells of how frail humans are and in contrast, how strong we can be. Clap clap to the amazing Anne Rice…

In the end, I think what God said to Memnoch is ultimately true “Either way, I triumph don’t I?”

P.S. I know maybe some of you might think, This. Is. Ancient. But then again, all classics are right? It’s really long, I’ll try better next time. Just wanted to share the excitement…


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