The Book That Broke My Heart


Before I begin my ramble on an amazing book, I first want to say that I am nervous. Nervous because now, I have made up my mind that I am really going to do this. My head has been going back and forth about this whole reading-blogging-talking-about-stuff thing. But then you know as certain things happen and as I thought about it more, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try. And who knows, maybe I will gain more friends by doing this right?

With that being said, I plan (yes, plan. Please bear with me for a while) to talk about books that I have read. The ones that I loved, liked, and possibly hated (though that is extremely rare). I have actually started doing this, with my previous posts, but I found that it is much better (and preferable too) to rate a book in some way (like stars or whatever).

So now, on to the book…

I gotta be honest, I really didn’t care to read this book before I knew it was turned into a movie. But even then, it did not intrigue me that much to pick it up at the bookstore. But boy was I wrong.

Cold Mountain is the first novel of Charles Frazier who follows the life of Inman, a former confederate soldier, who has been wounded and now faces a life of uncertainty and at some points, loss. He wakes up in an infirmary and finally decides to go on a journey (on foot) home to Ada, his ladylove. Circumstances within his trip made it a difficult journey, but the trip taught him valuable lessons he would carry for life, or so he thought…

I know. Your first thought would be THIS IS ANCIENT. Well not really ancient. It was published 1997. This is one other thing you might notice in this blog that would probably be unusual compared to others. I won’t talk about current books ONLY. I love classics. I love going to bookshops and book sales just the same. So sometimes I stumble upon books probably as old as my mother but still are brilliant and I would talk about them. Anyways, I could not even begin to tell you how heartbroken I was when I put this book down. I was in a state of shock, and it wasn’t even disappointment about what happened.

It’s one of those books that you read, and say ‘meh’ about the first few pages.Then you chose to let patience prevail (yey you!), and then suddenly couldn’t stop reading. That was me. I initially felt like I wasn’t going to like it and thought it was a bore. But then as I  got about 30% of the way I was hooked. You know that feeling when a character goes on this epic journey home and just as he is about to reach it something drastic happens and he ends up on the other side of the world? It’s like that, but now exactly. I know, my descriptions are horrible.

There can be some parts of the book that felt like its dragging on too long. And sometimes I would skim through one or two pages and not miss an important part of the story. You get what I mean? But I guess the reason why I like it is because it is an emotional book. It talks about life, and love, and complications, and how things end. I guess it was this book that hit me hard in the chest saying ‘Girl, not everything has a happy ending.’ I have re-read this book probably twice and I still feel heartbroken every time. If you like reading emotional books then this is for you. It touches issues we face, but it ultimately touches on being human, humane, and our existence as both. I won’t say this is a light read. The descriptions of the places were written so beautifully, clear and crisp. I would say though, do not read this book to pass boredom. It’s a journey, but without dragons and fairies. It’s exciting, but not in a giddy way.It’s patience and impatience beautifully sewn together.

Overall, I’d give it 3 out of 5 stars…

Have you read this book? What do you think about it? Book recommendations? Let me know…


2 thoughts on “The Book That Broke My Heart

  1. Aw YAY, I am so excited that you decided to give it a go! It is so fun, and you will definitely meet some amazing people. And I am chuckling at this book being “ancient”! Always review what you love- it is a million times more fun when you are reading what you like 🙂 I hadn’t heard of this book before, but wow, it sounds really intense! I also had no idea it was a movie. But it does sound like the kind of book that could be a really great movie. Now I am curious, I am going to have to add this book to my never ending list! Lovely review 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • thank you! this made my day! I had fun writing it and had to control myself from rambling on too much! It’s a good book, I believe the movie stars Jude Law and Nicole Kidman but I could be wrong haha! Thanks again!


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