On Love and Sacrifice


In Love (c) Marcus Stone

           I have always believed in the common good. I have always believed that what is the best for both parties with equal sacrifice is what’s right. But then lately I think I am being proven wrong, because in the realm of love and suffering, the line between giving and accepting seems to be non-existent. When we love, we love. There are no questions as to how or why. Or better yet, no answer would suffice how or why. I have read so many attempts to explain love from the simplest to the most philosophical means possible. Have they ever been able to describe even half of what you feel when you love someone? I think words were not created to explain or describe it. Feelings were. We feel love, we don’t explain it. Isn’t that why expressing love does not solely rely on those that which come from your mouth?

          Sometimes, we judge people for loving and caring. But can we? Really? How can someone possibly prevent it from happening if it is bound to anyway? People will be inlove no matter how far they are from each other. However, I think that there are the actions we take, that naturally attract consequences, which people may judge as good or bad. Love may come at surprising and inconvenient times. Loving someone, is never wrong. Acting on it , however, sometimes challenges moral and societal grounds we civilized beings established. Can you really stop yourself? Wanting to be loved back is natural. There are times when love becomes a liability, what do you do then? Will you be contented with just loving, and not be loved back? For some, it is enough. I would not say it is stupid, or that it is the noblest, but it is love, and love is inexplicable.

         So you chose the right thing, then what? You cry your heart out, not because you regret it, but because it is extremely difficult to accept that it is what’s right. Selfishness. Can we accuse someone hurting of selfishness? Wouldn’t you do anything in your own power to abort whatever it is that’s burning you to ashes? Yet at what price? Maybe, it is comforting, but then sometimes we forget to think about the other half of the story. What about them? Should we let them bleed to death while we save ourselves from absolute misery? We cannot judge the choices made. Because when people hurt to the point of blindness, they see nothing but suffering. They want nothing but consolation.

         Listening to a friend, I felt this fear, of feeling, of loving, of hurting. I’ve been through all that, and it felt like hell. Am I prepared to possibly plunge into that place again? See that’s the catch, it’s a gamble. And a good gambler knows that losing is a part of the game, and if you are not prepared to lose, you don’t belong. But then you witness a single moment where that smile of sincere joy comes from just seeing the person they love makes you wonder. How can something which brings so much darkness provide contentment, and genuine happiness? It’s a weird world we live in. Humans. We love, we suffer, we love, we sacrifice, we love, we endure, we love, we smile. Funny, isn’t it? How a simple thing, sometimes even trivial, can reflect the a most mysterious thing known to man.


Top 5 Books That Make Amazing Gifts

I was sitting at a coffee shop one afternoon after a very stressful day when I stumbled across an article on the benefits of giving more. So naturally, I thought, well this is just the thing I need! So how about I tell you which books I swear by as gifts to practically anyone? Sounds good? Yeah? I thought so too.

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee


I LOVE THIS BOOK. I feel like I can’t say enough good things about it. I first heard about it years ago when I was still in high school and never got to reading it until my college days. It was a happy accident that I found it sitting on the floor of a bookshop scouring heaps of pre-owned books. I can still vividly remember that day. I got it for such a bargain price although let me tell you I would pay double, even triple, it’s original price just to get it and be able to give it to someone. I just think it is full of life lessons told in the eyes of a child which makes it genuine–sincere. It’s that kind of book that when you finish, you tend to think back and take a closer look at how you see things. I have re-read this book so many times and every time I take away something good, something I can live by. I gave this book to my sister as a gift and she too was touched by the profound simplicity of the story. The plot and its lessons never get old and make us want to be better humans. Go get this and give it to someone! I promise they will thank you for it. I can’t wait for the release of Harper Lee’s Go Set A Watchman on July 14, 2015. You can bet that I will get my hands on that.

Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank


Never have I read something so close to how I felt. Reading this books made me feel like I was the one writing it. The emotions were so raw, unedited, so genuine yet fierce. I think it is the mother of coming-of-age stories in my opinion. It gives us a glimpse of what life is like in hiding and constant fear. However it also lets us realize how love, hope, and faith keep anyone, no matter how old, living and laughing and moving forward. I recommend this as a good read to everybody to see that courage can be harboured even in the faintest of hearts. It makes us appreciate all the liberties we enjoy today. Give it and you are doing that person a favor.

 Paano Ba ‘To?! by Bianca Gonzales


Now this was a happy surprise for me. I enjoyed reading it so much and I know you will too. This is such a good book made by a Filipino to the Filipino youth. I found myself smiling all the while I was reading it, I could have highlighted the whole thing! What I like about it is that it’s interactive. It’s so much fun! You are encouraged to write, or highlight, or list things in the book. It’s got stickers and doodles for crying out loud! It makes you a part of it. It will be an awesome gift to those in their teens and early 20’s. What made me love this even more is that even if I am past some of the things she was sharing, it made sense to me. I was enjoying being able to relate to every single thing.  It talks about love, and family, and faith, and money (yah), and finding your purpose in life. Some deep stuff for you there. Grab this and you will not regret giving this to someone you love or just for yourself you know what I’m saying? If you know someone struggling in that awkward phases of life, GIVE.THEM.THIS.BOOK.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen


I have been debating between this and Sense and Sensibility but I ended up favoring pride for some unknown reason (I know, I am no help at all.) I am a big Austen fan. I just love her wit and her humor. It’s very refreshing yet very compelling as well. She describes her characters so eloquently that you find yourself knowing them in a personal level. The way the scenery was described is crisp you could almost smell tea and the grass in the meadows. It is a very good way if you would like to introduce someone into reading the classics. I have recommended it to a handful of people and I have never been wrong.

Memnoch the Devil by Anne Rice


Okay. Let me breathe for a minute here. I know I said I was a big Austen fan but boy am I a much much much BIGGER Anne Rice fan. Having said that I am yet to purchase her latest book Prince Lestat but we can look past that right? I was a bit skeptical to put this simply because this is an intense book. I have a review on this book where I talk all about it. I wouldn’t exactly give it to someone in their teens unless they are hardcore readers with an immense understanding of their beliefs and principles. This is a book for the open-minded. It can be a conversation piece and I personally think this can create intellectual discussions. It is a part of the Vampire Chronicles but it is a great stand alone if you ask me. If you haven’t read it then I suggest you give it a try. You might just find yourself thinking about how you define salvation and hell. See? Intense right?

So, those are my top picks for yah, as of now… Which books do you think are great as gifts? please let me know and if you have any book suggestions that you think I should read…

Writing in Silence


There is this strong urge to procrastinate, as I have done the past months with this wee-little blog of mine. BUT, I am trying, really, to be better at this so I decided to procrastinate later and just type away.

To be honest I haven’t had the slightest idea of what I am to write but then sometimes letting thoughts flow through your fingertips is the way to go. I am sitting in front of my desk trying to relax while sipping my chamomile tea (super delicious by the way) and hoping that sleep will visit me soon. I have had quite the busy life these past few months with all the studies, career, friendships, love (?), and family shenanigans I had to attend to. It’s probably the lamest excuse for virtually neglecting this wonderful thing but then I guess I started to realize I am an emotional writer, like how I am an emotional reader. I write when I feel like it. And now, I do.

Silence. How do you define it? How do you explain something as simple yet complex? How do you explain something so broad yet relative? I have always been the talkative girl, but I know there is silence in my babble. I talk a lot, but I don’t say a lot, in fact, I may not say anything at all. Maybe it’s all perspective. I was reading a blog post about writing in silence. People may contradict, but there is something about silence that makes me associate it with peace. Now I know that there are different kinds of silence, from peace to silent rage hurling like a whirlwind destroying he who harbors it for long. However, the intense emotion that comes both in contentment and fury stirs the heart and fuels the mind. What would books be like without such emotion, or inspiration?

People write to express, and that, I think is why words were given to us. And in writing I find peace among other things. That brief moment after having poured out every last bit of happiness or hatred or hope or desire is precious. That moment when you realize you have nothing else to do but look at your soul written as words. It doesn’t matter what you have written, what matters is that you did.

I honestly don’t know if I have made the tiniest bit of sense. But I hope that you who are reading this right now may find it genuine.