Things I Have Been Loving Lately and other random stuff


I just finished a huge mug of coffee and I am hyped but seriously I will probably pass out in bed in about 30 minutes because it’s freaking 4 am and I am still wide awake. I have issues, I know, moving on.. I have not been posting a lot, but like who cares right? I have lots in mind to write about, and honestly I have been writing a lot in my notebooks, yes notebooks. So, since the title I decided to give this post said that I should discuss the things I have been loving and the random stuff so here we go.

  1. Podcasts. You guys, where have hiding I been these past few months! I have recently discovered the magic of  podcasts and have become obsessed ever since. I’ve even listened to a podcast about a criminal case for crying out loud! Recently I have been absolutely loving EarBiscuits on SounCloud and I have never been bored again. Podcasts are perfect companions when you travel or pack for travel or do your make up or cook dinner or whatever really! I put them on the background and go about doing stuff. I love listening to witty conversations. There are different podcasts for everyone from politics to cooking to life in general so I suggest people check it out. Oh, and thank you to the beautiful Estee Lalonde for sharing her love of podcasts which made me instantly hooked!
  2. BookTube. I have been binge reading (it’s a thing) book blogs for as long as I can remember. BUT, watching people talk about books has been liberating. I’m exaggerating but whatever. For years I have loved watching cooking and makeup channels and this year, THIS YEAR ONLY, I discovered BookTube! Like I said, what rock on earth have been hiding under! Right? For a book lover and for someone who could read my whole life out, this is like watching my life being explained by totally unfamiliar but lovely and smart people. Especially, I am in looove with the lovely Jen Campbell who is also the author of several books which I am in painful hopes of getting my hands on soon.
  3. Sam Hunt. *gushing* *gushing some more* Where do I start? I saw him first in The Ellen DeGeneres Show perform Take Your Time which by the way has an awesome music video. You know that feeling when you hear a song and you immediately think ‘I NEED THAT SONG IN MY LIFE?’ Yup, that happened. And so YouTube supplied my obsession with a multitude of videos on his songs and vlog-ish type videos about him and I think my heart melted. Exaggerations, I know. But I guess there is just something about his charm of not fitting in the usual singer-dude profile his man-ish charm that when he sings you just swoon. It doesn’t help that he also writes songs not only for himself but for other country artists as well. I wouldn’t say his music is the typical country singer. He experiments with sounds and different genres which gives his music beautiful layers and a unique sound. As I am typing his song Break Up In A Small Town keeps playing inside my head as it has for the past two days. I know. I’ll stop now.
  4. Girly Stuff. WHAT?!?!?! Okay, I’m not turning into Elle Woods (which isn’t bad in any way, I love her in fact). I mean, I’m 24, and I have only started realizing that you know, why not try looking like a proper lady most days when I turned 23 y/o. Pretty late for society’s standards nowadays but hey, I enjoy staring at lady-ish bags on Instagram and dreaming of how in the world will I survive a whole day carrying that dainty thing.
  5. Losing weight. Now this is not new. I have tried several times but every single time I just find myself slowly spacing out and losing the initial motivation I had. Mostly because it’s more comfortable to eat than work out and count calories. HOWEVER, I find myself worrying about my health lately and I have always known that at some point I would have to do it for my own sake. I am trying to look at options weigh how things will benefit me with no bad effects on my health. I pray for these things like for everything else.
  6. BOOKS. I would have a library and a kitchen for a home if I could. I swoon over them, and I am thinking of downloading some eARC’s but I am still debating on them because I don’t now if I would have the time and will power to write reviews on a regular basis. I would to do it, but I have been the queen of procrastination lately. Issues. I’m trying to decide. At the moment I am reading a book that an author sent me and I was shocked would me belittling how I felt diving into it. Like, eyes popping out happened.
  7. Audio Books. I’m sorry, but I don’t really get it. It’s just not my cup of tea. I tried it, several times. But every time, I just get bored or my attentions gets stolen by another thing and I end up not knowing what the hell happened. Am I doing it wrong? tips? Was I choosing the wrong books? Help. I want to know why it has such a cult following and I think it is a genius idea.
  8. Coffee Shops. Have I talked about how I adore going to coffee shops? The coffee, the people, the conversations, writing, and other stuff. I’ll probably talk about it in another post. PROBABLY *wink*. Procrastination. Ugh.

Whew! That was a lot to say in one sitting. I seriously typed away and didn’t even stop to check what I wrote, so if you see wrong grammar or incoherent statements, you know, I beg for your understanding as I am about to pass out now. I missed doing this. I should do it more often. I have some books to review and I think I am regaining my mood for reviews so that is good. Thanks for reading and let me know what you think. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Things I Have Been Loving Lately and other random stuff

  1. Ah, I feel you with SO many of these. Especially the losing weight, goodness, it is such a struggle. I have never been much for girly things myself. I guess I just don’t have enough time, though I don’t know what my excuse was when I DID have time 😉 I can’t do audiobooks either, for the same reasons. Though, that is also why I can’t do podcasts OR most booktubes. I get so distracted!

    I must confess, I had heard of Sam Hunt, but had no idea who he was. I um, thought he was probably on some HBO show that I didn’t have access to 😉 But when I clicked on the YouTube link, I did know the song, so I guess I’m not *that* bad? Hahha. Oops!


    • haha! I’ve always enjoyed the extra 10 minutes of sleep rather than get pretty.. I’ve found that podcasts helped me concentrate better on things other than books actually.. Sam Hunt and HBO made me laugh haha, I have absolutely no idea how I have come to love the songs that much..


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