That Boy Rudy


I recently saw the 2013 movie “The Book Thief” and I fell in love with the boy Rudy Steiner. I had to watch it over and over again so I could just see the boy. Liesel is a great heroine. I mean she is such a brave soul wrapped in a cute little package. Plus she liked reading. But what struck me most was Rudy. He was a child. It made me want to read the book. It made me want to know Rudy more than what the movie showed me. You see, I feel attached to my books. And I feel like I get heaps more out of reading a book than watching a movie. It’s like all the characters become my family, well at least the ones I like or love as in the case with my beloved Lestat.

I couldn’t quite imagine how a child with such a soul can be perfectly depicted. The innocence and the courage, all to be redeemed by Death before things around him poison his heart. He was saved, in a way, by death that day. I wondered what could it have been like had he survived. He would have been a wonderful human being. But then again, like I said, he will forever remain the boy with lemon-colored hair. For a boy his age, he had the makings of a good man. He was upright, he was loyal, he was caring, he enjoyed life, and he was brave. But with all these, he was scared and vulnerable, which made him grounded to his being a child, and for that I adored him even more.


Maybe it was the child actor who portrayed him, or the directing, or the surprisingly serene voice of Death as he narrates his side of things. By the way I thought that was just genius. I think I will have to break my own rule for this one. You see for me it’s either the book OR the movie. I read the first Harry Potter book years before it became a movie, but after I watched it, I didn’t read any of the books anymore. However the opposite happened with the Twilight Saga. I didn’t watch the movies after I finished the books. I think I saw them on HBO years after they were released. But I think now I will have to read the book. Should I? I think that rule of mine will be broken once and for all now.

But then I cannot blame the boy whose hair remained the color of lemon forever can I? After all, like Death said, Rudy’s soul just rolled through his arms.


3 thoughts on “That Boy Rudy

    Oh, how I missed him. After reading the book thief I was so heart broken!
    Death was my favourite, followed by Ruby. I guess what I liked about him were the things you mentioned. He was so innocent and caring and fun and jadhdakdjks. It also kind of killed me when he wasn’t there to see Liesel kiss him because he was in love with her. I feel like the world could gain so much if he only had survived. It’s a shame really.

    If you want to read, read it. But if you’re ok with just watching the movie…


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