Life Update + Fairies, Cough, and a bunch of randomness


Alright. I am doing this. I have been thinking of writing something for about two weeks but never got around to doing it because I was sick like a dog. *cough* *cough* I am still trying to nurse myself back to health, but anyway, gosh I have missed doing this. It feels like forever!

So for today, I have planned the next few posts which will be seen in my blog. I have committed myself to making 2 book reviews (whew, God help me!), a post about romance novels, and a post about a good cause…

The last time I felt this sick was 4 years ago when I acquired (for he second time) Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever and it felt HORRIBLE. But I am slowly feeling better so that’s good. I have been reading A TON of blogs and watching loads of anime (sexy I know) to pass my time while I simmer in my own body heat, cough incessantly, and blow my nose like nobody’s around.

I’ve also been doing a lot of thinking on life and career and love and other important stuff like fairies and flying ships. I feel like I might be near that time when I have to leave home, for a very very long time. I don;t know, I just have that feeling. So yeah… Hope to be back on track ASAP…

How has your life been lately?


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