BOOK REVIEW: Forbidden Surrender Trilogy by Priscilla West


It’s gonna get racy guys. To be completely honest, I was contemplating on not doing this review at all. I moved back and forth with the decision but then again I promised myself even before I started that I would make a review as soon as I finished it. So, how do I start.

Fair warning, THIS IS A STEAMY TRILOGY. Kind of 50 Shades of Gray-ish or the Beauty Series by Anne Rice (hail to the queen!). Although truth be told, I haven’t read any of those books, and I don’t plan on ever reading them. I admit that when I decided to read this trilogy I didn’t really know what I was getting into. So when the first steamy scene came my eyes almost popped out of their sockets! But you know, I mustered all my courage and carried on…

The Forbidden Surrender trilogy is a contemporary-erotica which follows the love and lust  story of Vincent, a thrill-seeking, self-made, surfer-billionaire and Kristen, a wealth manager.

Gosh I don’t even know where to begin. Maybe with the few bits I did like about it? Sounds like a plan? Yah?

A psychologically challenged ex is not one I am used to encountering in the few romance novels I have convinced myself to read. Like hello, a smart, hot, volatile almost deranged ex-boyfriend who wears glasses is not something you read every time. I also like how his character has been introduced, and how the character has developed and interwoven into the story. I looked forward to the big reveal on who he was, what he did, and how hate-able he is.

Kristen is not pathetic. Now before you throw stuff at me, let me get this straight. What I can’t stand are books that portray the ladies as helpless and stupid, you know, the kinds you want to yank out of the book and shake the living lights out of them so they could wake up and grow up. She is strong, confident, smart, and independent, and can actually hold herself up, if not for her inexplicable enchantment to the supposedly irresistible Vincent. I actually appreciated that she had brains, and will to carry herself well and get out of a situation she doesn’t feel safe in. *clap* *clap*

The chapters were short, really short. You may be wondering why I placed this in the kind-of-advantages-section. But I believe for this book it really worked. The book didn’t have to create such an intricate world. It is set on how we are today and having long chapters will just have been a drag in my opinion. For the first 1 and a half books it worked for me, wanting to read more, and dreading the end of each chapter which I knew were really short. It kept you interested and wanting more. Sexy right?

The steamy scenes, were, well, STEAMY. Whew, those were racy scenes in there. I can’t and don’t even want to describe them, because obviously I am not physically and mentally able to do that. But West writes these moments between the characters with such passion and such height of emotions. She is a good passionate-story teller.

Shall we get to the rather unpleasant ones?

The twists were giveaways. Gosh it was like raining obvious clues. Like when I read about the guys moving in the other apartment and when Kristen was experiencing symptoms, ugh, I could have stopped reading and told you what happened. I had to literally drag myself to finish the last book. The story line was strangely too familiar for the third book. I didn’t think it was written cleverly at all. I mean why? WHY?

There was no character development for Kristen. I mean, her ex got some, why not the freakin’ lead girl? She remained the same all through out the three books and I got tired and a bit irritated with her towards the end. Her best friend was waaaay better! I must say though that I liked how Vincent’s character developed through the course of the three books. I saw a depth of character, something I wished Kristen had.

All in all, I didn’t think it was a horrible book. It’s was okay, let’s just put it like that. I certainly finished it, but God knows I almost did not. If you like these types of books and this genre, I think you will find the book’s descriptions of the scenes you look for *wink* very crisp and clear. It would definitely stir things up. But sadly it wasn’t for me, and the love story didn’t really catch me.

Two stars for me.


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