Is It Christmas Yet?


I was supposed to write a different post but then as I sat here staring at this screen sipping my coffee, I heard on of our neighbors blasting Christmas music. Yup, with the chimes and bells and happy words. For most people, preparations are geared towards Halloween, however, here where I live, we don’t celebrate it like how the west does. From the moment the calendar hits the first of September, it’s Christmas all the way.

I always look forward to Christmas, even more than my birthday to be honest. This is really, really random. Kind of diary-ish. Anyway, I look forward to a lot of things this season and it makes me think of positive things. God knows how much I need those right now. The moment I notice the weather cooling down, and the breeze changes, I know it is going to be a wonderful season. It just seems to me that come the holidays, everyone is happier, and livelier, and more cheerful. I for one am. Christmas is when I am most happy, the rest of the year can just fly by.

Which brings me to the topic of books (duh!). I am wondering which books I should read this time of year. You know, the kinds that you want to read snuggled on the couch or your bed with a blanket and hot coffee. I want to know which books people will recommend for Halloween reading, and for Christmas reading (besides Harry Potter of course). So, any book recommendations you think I should try?



5 thoughts on “Is It Christmas Yet?

  1. For Christmas last year I enjoyed reading Gervase Finn’s ‘Twinkle twinkle little stars’ and ‘A Wayne in a manger’. They were very light hearted and put me in the Christmas spirit! At the moment I am reading a book by Patrick Ness which is brilliant, as are the other books I have read by him. 🙂


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