Musings on a Rainy Day + Harry Potter

rainy day

It’s a lovely day. And I know you might be thinking that I am nuts because apparently it is a rainy aka “gloomy” day. I am a self-confessed pluviophile which means that I just love the rain. Not the stormy, destructive kind though, just rain. I love how it feels when it is about to rain, the dimming of the clear skies, and the sudden cool breeze, the scattered raindrops, its show of strength, its magical ambiance where you just want to cuddle in your sofa holding a huge mug of coffee with a good book on hand. What I’ve found myself doing every time it rains is go out onto the porch or stay beside a window and just watch the downpour. It’s fascinating to me, calming actually. As noisy as the clatter of droplets hitting roofs and trees and streets, I find a sense of peace when it rains. To an extent I think it forces us to stay put and reflect. As it pours, and as I stay longer inside during the rain, sounds just blur into the background. You have no idea how comforting reading or just sitting inside is during a cold, rainy day. Simple things, we are moved to appreciate the simple but huge comforts of home, and family, and even of solitary living.

That smell after the rain has passed is incomparable. I live near the mountains so just the smell of wet grass and the cool wind is pure joy. You go out and it feels like looking at brand new mirror. Everything around just seems more vivid, clear, crisp…clean. Like starting anew. Then well, you go back inside and read again because Harry needs your help in finding the stone. *wink* Am I making sense to you? Maybe not.. haha.. Told you I can be weird.

Do you love the rain? Do you love reading on rainy days?


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