That Dark Realm of the UNREAD + Ben Elton and The Covenant


My mom recently cleaned out an area in our house where piles of books are taller than I am. Well, let’s face it a lot of things are taller than me but you get my point. After what I thought was an explosion of paper and books of all sorts, I am now facing the glaring fact that I NEED A PROPER BOOKSHELF. I mean if only my books could talk. Anyway, as I was scanning through the inventory (ooh, fancy) I thought

  1. Wow, I have a lot.. From all sorts of genres…
  2. I should probably refrain from buying until I have a proper shelf for them to live in and be safe and warm
  3. Psshhhh WHO CARES… Christmas is coming and we should be merry right? Well MERRY = BOOKS.
  4. That’s funny, I haven’t actually read some of these.

Yup. I never thought I’d say it. But I bought books only to condemn them into the dark realm of the UNREAD. I’m sorry okay? But I’m sure I’m not alone in this, you know, buying books only to shove them at the back of the pile never to be seen again for like 5 centuries. And now, they are back to haunt me. TO be honest, I feel bad when that happens. I feel like I wasted something. And in a sense that might be true.

I can’t even remember picking these up. BUT, I have this kind of rule where I will try my best to read and finish a book. I think the only book I have really given up on and tossed in the  DNF land was Tess of the D’Urbervilles which is creepily in the table beside me right now.

I picked up The Covenant by Beverly Lewis from the lot and I made it a mission to start reading it tonight and finish it this week. I don’t have the slightest idea what it is about which is probably a stupid thing since from what I have heard this is a pretty famous book. All I know is that it was published in 2002, not a fantasy novel, and is a part of a series of books by the author.

Also, on a slightly related note (what?), my sister is a big fan of Ben Elton and she has a lot of his books some of which she has left here since she can only have so much in her dorm room. I skimmed through one of them with her and I have been delighted with what I have read so far. Are any of you fans of Elton as well? Which if his books will you recommend for me to read first?


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