I Haven’t Read Harry Potter *sobs*


I can feel you judging me right there. Like really. It looked to me like you were almost about to swear. And no, you are not hallucinating. But, I understand your possibly extreme shock and confused sentiments considering I have this blog that talks about books and reading a lot. Thinking about it now, it’s really bizarre that I haven’t read them right? Well, of course except the fact that I read the first one before the film was released, I still find it weird considering how much I LOVED Harry Potter and Hogwarts and Ron Weasley.

These past few months, I have been re-watching the HP movies and I just re-read the book about three weeks ago. My mom and I were talking about how my sister wants the boxed full hardbound set of the Harry Potter series, you know the one that looks like a chest or luggage or whatever, for her graduation present. My sister has read all the books, and she is ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED. I mean, she cried watching the last movie.

Now, I have watched all of the movies in theaters when they came out and I LOOOOVE them to death. And I am sure that the other books are great too judging from how the first book astounded me. So, I tried to get to bottom of this issue and well…

I have read Philosopher’s Stone and I loved it. LOVED.IT.  Then I watched the movie and BAM! Lost it. The only thing I could think about it when will the next movie be and will school be out by that time and what will we be doin’ after the movie and will my dad be off-duty by then. Basically what I am trying to say is that the movies overwhelmed (in the best way possible) so much that I didn’t think I need the books.

Like what I’ve said, every year, it has become a family tradition for us to watch the latest Harry Potter movie when I was growing up. So, HP movies meant more than just the wands and owls to me. It meant bonding with the fam and spending lots of time with my parents who both work, especially for my dad who works away from us. With that being said, I think that the anticipation for the next movie and bonding moments overpowered the bookworm in me (didn’t think that was even possible). Plus the fact that my sister and I watch the movies over and over and OVER again that my parents think we are maniacs reciting EVERY.SINGLE.LINE in the movie. Although of course I realize that parts from the books were cut so now I am panicking and feeling left out and wanting to be in on the secret.

Brace yourselves for this is… they are hefty books. Shocked? No? I know that this is such a stupid reason but I remember wanting to grab the book from the bookstore and seeing how humongous the thing is! Not gonna lie, it intimidated me. But I guess, it was because I was still in school back then. I was a very diligent student to be honest and I liked to maintain my grades high and I figured I could not for the life of me devour this book and not sacrifice a few (or a lot) good hours of studying. I was that hardcore before, so I stuck to the movies which wasn’t a bad alternative at all, just sayin’.

Needless to say, I am going to read the rest of the HP books. Why this late? Well why not? I truly believe Harry Potter books are here to stay for a very, very long time. I think kids from my time on forward should be introduced to them, and experience the magic Harry and the gang wields with their wands.

And now please excuse me as I watch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for the 23,896th time.

Do you watch movies over and over again? Which movies have you re-watched the most?


2 thoughts on “I Haven’t Read Harry Potter *sobs*

  1. Oh don’t feel too bad. XD I HAVEN’T READ THEM ALL YET EITHER!! Although I’m working hard on finishing before the end of the year. Aaaand I haven’t watched the movies. >_> But I want to do that too. I really love them I just…my childhood was Narnia basically. hehe.
    I don’t hardly ever even watch movies let alone re-watch….but. The Help is my weakness. I do so love how hysterically wonderful that movie is. xD
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


    • I haven’t watched the The Help but I have heard wonderful things about it! I have read the first Narnia book but then never got to read the rest. I’ve watched the movies though and they were quite good to be honest.. Thank you for stopping by as well!


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