BOOK REVIEW: Never Never #1 by Colleen Hooveer and Tarryn Fisher


Best friends since they could walk. In love since the age of fourteen.

Complete strangers since this morning.

He’ll do anything to remember. She’ll do anything to forget.

I dived into this book on a whim actually. So for starters I kind of am not expecting much. I have done some research on it, but none of the reviews I have read were really helpful in finding out what it was entirely about. And after reading the book, I kind of understand why (in a good way).


Honestly, not that much. Other than maybe the fact that I was ALMOST put off by the beginning of this book. Like really


But you know, my persistence won and I got to the finish line which is a whole other story I will tell you in a minute. Just let me tell you, the beginning will make you grab your hair in frustration. Or you could grab a pillow and throw it on the other side of the room for peace loving people. There were very few parts that were like ‘meh’ to me. But that happens with most books but then being such a short one, I kind of wanted it to be hitting me every single page.


Now let’s talk.

First, you know I will always talk about the covers. It was okay for me, I think it made sense, but it was nothing that was amazing. If I would buy something based solely on its cover, I would most probably pass by this one easily.

I like the characters. Mind you, I said liked meaning I neither hated them nor loved them. Often with books I tend to love a character. Although there wasn’t one character that I was especially drawn to, I still like all of the characters and the roles they played in the story. Honestly, I think they all made sense you know what I mean? I like how the authors made the side characters somehow relevant to how the lead characters moved within the story. You kind of understand what is going on by watching the other characters as well.

The characters developed really well considering that it is such a short story. Enough emphasis was given on both leads. Like there was just enough to feed your curiosity but keep you guessing and wanting more. That definitely sounded like an illegal substance which is definitely not what I am talking about here.

It was such a unique story and I loved it. It was really intriguing and new. Plus, they were not frustrating characters. Somehow, their actions felt natural in such an unnatural situation. Because of that I just found myself flipping through the pages and wanting to know more and more like the characters. As the story progresses you kind of get in sync with the characters’ views and so when the you reach the end, just when you thought you are piecing together stuff about their lives, things get messed up way bigger and you are back to square one. I am finally getting and then this?


Nevertheless, I reached the end and I wanted the next one right then and there!

So, despite the rough beginning I had with this book, it ended up really great for me. I would recommend for people who like thrillers and guessing-game type books to read.


Have you read this book? What did you think about it?

Do you like coffee or tea?


3 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW: Never Never #1 by Colleen Hooveer and Tarryn Fisher

  1. I laughed at the part about the beginning! I am glad you told me- otherwise I very likely may have just called it quits! I love that the characters developed well though, AND that their actions fit their personalities. The worst for me is when you are yelling at a character like “what is wrong with you!??!” hhahah. Fabulous review, I hope you get to read the second part soon!

    OH and coffee- always coffee 😀 And always iced coffee!

    Liked by 1 person

    • As a matter of fact there is just a huge mug of iced coffee waiting for me right now haha! Seriously, I was like what the hell? I am really glad it redeemed itself…


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