I Just Became a Street Team Member!


Okay, so probably this is not a big thing to other bloggers more experienced than I am, but man, this is huge for me! So I decided to make a quick post about it okay?

I’ve been active in the book community of Twitter the past few months and during these chats I have met amazing bloggers and authors as well. Here was where I met S. Usher Evans who is the author of the Razia Series and a nice, nice lady. While browsing Twitter I saw that she was promoting another series that she was about to launch which intrigued me so I researched a bit and joined the discussions. Reading the synopsis and just the premise of the book made me just want to volunteer to be on her street team although honest to goodness, I was positive I wouldn’t get accepted.

Literally minutes later, I got a notification from Facebook that I was accepted to join the group of her Street Team. Imagine my excitement you guys! So here is how it will go (as far as I can tell you, this might change), I will be posting photos either on my blog or in my Twitter and Instagram accounts as soon as the cover arts are done. I will keep you guys up to date on the goings on about the launch of this new series. I mean girls flying planes as captains and prince doctors. Right?!?!

If you want to know more about her new Madion War Series or her other books, visit her website/blog www.susherevans.com. Also, you can follow her on her social media accounts and if you do, tell her I sent you okay?



Oh and another thing, Ms. Evans has started a Kickstarter project which will end in a few hours so if you feel like backing up a worthwhile project, why not drop by hers? Pre-orders will be open by the end of the month, but those who back up the project will receive their books before everyone else does!



The Island (Madison War Series #1) will be out April 26, 2016.

Well, I don’t know if I am going overboard with this or what. Honestly I am so happy that I can get to help an author spread the word about her book. I am all for indie authors getting the love they deserve and if I can do anything to help then why not! And Whitney, girl I promise I’ll calm down now.. haha! Thank you 🙂


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