What Makes Me DNF Books?


Before I go on a full-rambling mode, I want to say that it takes a lot, A LOT, for me to finally put down a book and say goodbye to all chances of us reconciling. I tend to pack a smidgeon of extra patience every time I pick up a book so that you know, no regrets that I didn’t try enough. I’ve always felt like I needed to have a solid opinion on something, before it gets thrown into the darkness or brought to light you know what I mean?

If you have been one of the patient and lovely people who read my blog, you know that I always have conversations with myself and with characters when I read a book. I promise you I am a totally sane and in-touch-with-reality person. Really. Naturally, when I have to decide to not finish a book, it’s the same conversation type of situation.


What I don’t like more than anything else are frustrating, hard-headed, stubborn, and senseless fools who magically happens to be lead characters on a book which could have had a better future if it weren’t for them. Seriously, the age of pathetic helpless characters are long gone. I mean come on! Something bad happens to you, you learn, not become more of an idiot than before! Everyone, EVERYONE, has strength and courage and talent. Can we accept that and move on? While I understand that not everything is about the lead character, the person we essentially follow, and the voice which tells us the story is vital to its success.


You know when things go all over the place and halfway through you have absolutely no idea what you are reading about or why things were happening? Yah, those times. Sometimes it’s because it just drags on and on and on and on and on… At times it is also because of the writing style. Now to this I claim a bit of responsibility. You see this can be a preference thing if you really think about it. How the story is told, the word-play, the descriptions, clarity… Don’t you just love it when you could almost touch the sea and smell the grass just by reading? Plot twists, the storyline… the point of reading is understanding things, even if some things are confusing or a mystery. If you don’t, it’s not worth it.


Sometimes, there is just too much. As a reader, I like a lot of information. I love learning tons about the world they have built, the way of life, the character differences, personalities, interests, weaknesses…. Even in mysteries where authors deliberately misguide your brain, a plethora of information is appealing to me. BUT, when it comes to a point when it all just gets lost, it’s over. There are books that somewhere along the way, I find myself saying “Wait what? But I thought… Oh this isn’t that?” Other times it was the way things are delivered to you. The voice and the overall surrounding circumstances. This is one of the reasons why I love straightforward people. What you see is what you get.

These are all the reasons I could think of right now. Maybe these will change as I read more. Now say hello to Mr. Owl and let’s chat!


What makes you DNF books? Who are your favorite authors? If you could recommend just one, who would it be?


23 thoughts on “What Makes Me DNF Books?

  1. Wait- you want me to recommend only ONE author? Nope, sorry, can’t. I can do a few though: Lauren Oliver, Patrick Ness, Cat Winters, Mindy McGinnis Neal Shusterman, Louise O’Neill… Suzanne Collins is a given, right?

    Okay, onto the DNFing! I have DNFed THREE books ever. I am very bad at it. But I will tell you what made me do it!

    Book #1- So. Dumb. Like, these people couldn’t be based on actual humans, right? Maybe some lower level mammal with significantly smaller brains? Seriously, the things and people in the book were making me irate with their stupidity and vapidness.

    Book #2: So. Bad. (See a pattern? 😉 ) There were references to Dunkin Donuts in like, every third sentence. WHY? And Insta-Love, so much insta-love. I mean, I quit for the first time at 13% and they’d already fallen in love. By the time I quit for good at 35%, I think they’d had a cottage in the hills and 2.5 kids. Also the relationship was stupid and had no substance, yet there was literally not another thing going on in the book!

    Book #3: So. Boring. Like, I couldn’t stop falling asleep while reading it! I made it to 52% when finally I told myself “goodness, NOTHING is worth this!”, then had Holly tell me how it ended, and realized that I was right- totally not worth it!

    A few others that I should have DNFed include ones where I was so stabby I wanted to throw the book out the window, except it was on my Kindle, one that I had (and still have) no clue WHAT was happening during the whole thing, and one with bird people. I have no time for bird people 😉

    Such a fun post!

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    • “I have no time for bird people” cracked me up so much hahahaha! Oh and yeah, I forgot to put in my post that I already knew who yours would be *wink*
      I am bad at DNFing books too, but I kind of made it a promise that if I know it is not worth my time reading, then OBVIOUSLY suffering through the ending is just unforgivable. Especially if I really don’t care about how it will end. And I agree with Insta-love… I feel really strongly about this just like how I feel with irritating and pointless love triangles. I could just feel the emotions while you are typing this comment just by reading it haha!


  2. I usually DNF a book for all the reasons you’ve mentioned, or if I’m simply not clicking with the book. (If I’m reading a book and not liking it, what are the chances that my opinion is going to change within the next 50 pages, you know?) Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous discussion! ❤

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  3. Another great post Meyan! I promise I haven’t forgotten about you and your blog just life has been crazy for me at the moment!
    I DNF a book when a book is just awful and I can’t get into it. I always always give it time, waiting for it to get better but if it does not then I just give up. However! If I want to know what happens I can be cheeky and google what happened by reading a spoiler review!
    Can’t wait to see what you post next (:

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  4. Another great post Meyan! I promise I haven’t forgotten about you and your blog just life has been crazy for me at the moment!
    I usually DNF a book when I find the plot boring and difficult. I usually always try and read atleast half of the book though before I give up. I feel that I should give it time to warm up but if it doesn’t then I just give up (which I hate doing!). Although, if I do not finish a book I can be cheeky and Google a spoiler review so that I don’t miss out on the ending! Because sometimes, even if I don’t like a book, I want to know what happens.
    Can’t wait to see what you post next (:

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    • HEy! How have you been? thanks again for stopping by. I have been thinking why you haven’t posted in your blog lately. I also try as much as I can not to DNF a book, but there are just so much good books out there it’s not fair to waste time on books that don’t work for me. Looking forward to your posts too!

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      • I’ve been great, just been planning crazy for my baby girl! How have you been!? And I completely agree Meyan. There are far too many good books out there. This is why I really don’t waste my time with reading a book if it is not that great. So you are so right! (:

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      • When is she coming?!?! You must be overjoyed! Babies always bring a different kind of joy! Congratulations in advance. I was telling my sister about you and your family and she just said “Well there goes another friend having a baby! When are you gonna give me a niece?” Haha! It was so random I laughed so hard!
        PS I miss your blog posts 🙂

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      • Just a little over two months! I am so excited, and so blessed. My husband is really excited as well. It will be so nice to finally have a baby girl. Of course I love my baby boys more than anything! But it is nice to have both now. We thought of a name for our baby girl. Do you want to know? It is still a Greek mythology name but nothing over the top.
        It is so sweet how you told your sister about me! I actually told my friend about you, and she said she loves how people are so kind in this world still.
        Aww, you are too sweet. I did make a post the other day, on the book of you, I don’t know if you saw it . It’s just the second post down because I made gone girl sticky! I am trying to read even more though before my baby girl arrives so there should be more reviews coming soon! (:


      • I will definitely check that out! I have been so busy this last week I can’t even tell you! Of course I want to know her name! My sister loves people who read as well so I thought she would love your personality as well. Basically my sister is getting impatient of me getting a boyfriend, can you believe that!
        I am honestly so excited for you and your family for the baby!

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      • She is going to be called Daphne! We love the name, as it is a Greek mythology name and it is not too over the top.
        And bless her! She is just being a sister, I have two so I know how you feel. Although I never really had that issue because I married so young! And thank you so much Meyan, I appreciate your words so much you are so kind!


      • I’m sorry I only replied now. Daphne is such a beautiful name! You mean Daphne the naiad/nymph right? You are the sweetest as well! I am sure she will be a lucky baby to be born to a loving (and reading) family!

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      • Aww! Thank you so much Meyan. And yes! That is the one. The story of her and Apollo is one of my favourites and when my husband mentioned the name I knew it had to be. I still love Persephone but I would just worry that my child would get called Steph or Stephanie because I don’t like these names that much! Does this make sense?
        And she will be so loved bless her. I can’t wait for my boys to finally have a sister to protect. It’s going to be beautiful! And yes! She will be read too from a young age. She will be a book lover just like her mom (:

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      • Of course she will! I know I got my love for reading from my mom! My cousins would always tell me stories of how my mom would always just read while she was pregnant with me. I’ve had books for as early as I can remember. I had more books than toys to be honest! Daphne is a really beautiful name. And the paintings about her are stunning as well!

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      • I love this so much! This is really beautiful. I hope to be just like your mom in the sense that I will always read to my child and make sure she has tons of books to read! I actually always read to my babies when I am pregnant also. I think it would be weird if you didn’t! Lol. The paintings are so beautiful! I was actually thinking about getting a painting of one of my favourites to put in her nursery, but I think that may be a bit too much lol.


      • Haha! yah, I think it’s too much for now, but they are quite stunning to look at. My dad is actually having problems on how he is going to resolve me and my mom’s bookshelf “situation” because the stack just gets taller..

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      • Omg! I know the struggle Meyan. Literally, I am having to get new book cases every week because of the rate I buy books at ! I’m just lucky my husband loves to read too otherwise I think he would get really annoyed! Whenever my dad actually visits though he says “why don’t you just get a kindle?” And I’m like “dad, don’t, it’s not the same”. I have to read from a book otherwise I won’t read at all… Is that bad?


      • Oh no! I’d choose a physical copy over electronic versions anytime! there is just something about holding a book and flipping through the pages right? Also, the smell of books is just satisfying!

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      • Yes! Thank god I am not the only person who thinks this! What I love also about the book, along with what you said, is that I love finishing the book and then putting it on my book shelf. I feel proud when I do, like I have achieved something. Which sounds bizarre but that’s how I feel after I finish a book (:


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