Let’s Catch Up!

catch up

I have been MIA lately, and I do not feel great about it at all. I missed typing away my thoughts on one of my favorite things to do and interacting with wonderful people, so I thought, before I plunge into all the blogging and reading bonanza, let us catch up on what is going on with my life lately.

  • Still waiting for the confirmation of my career move. If you have read this blog post, then you will know that I have been taking steps towards furthering my profession. I am very pleased as to how this is going, and though it’s taking some time, I am resolved in waiting, and being positive, and and pursuing it.
  • I have been a member of street teams (yes, TEAMSSSS). I am so happy that I was accepted into these groups to help authors get word about their works out there. Also, I have met awesome people (like you) through these street teams and other blogging and reading activities  and for that I am SOOOO thankful!
  • I am contemplating on a BIG change that I want to achieve this year. It requires a lot of personal will and determination so I am taking my time in deciding whether I would do it soon. As of now I am preparing myself and plans to start this ‘project’ in February.
  • Planning!!! Now, I have always been a planner. I have used planners since I was in high school I’d say but now I am really into decorative planning. It is sooo fun and helps me keep track of everything! I just DIY-ed my own decorative planner. Would you like to see it?

Speaking of street teams:

  • The cover reveal for The Island by S. Usher Evans is on January 26th! I will be posting in on my social media (click the links on the upper left side *wink*) and here in my blog as well!
  • Incidentally, lucky me, I won the giveaway for a swag package of The Island from the author’s blog site! And I am extremely excited for that package to reach my doorstep! I also have one of her published books and I will get to it soon, promise! And I will definitely make a review about that.
  • Elise Kova’s Earth’s End, the third installment in the Air Awakens series, will be released on February and I am sooo excited! Granted I haven’t gotten around reading Fire Falling (shame on me) but I don’t care! I will be making a separate blogpost for this to be up on Wednesday.


  • I am SOOOOO behind on stuff regarding my blog and reading. I have been so busy I barely had time for anything else but work and running errands here and there. This week’s days on my planner will be stuffed for sure! I will be filling those boxes up tomorrow when I get home after running around town.
  • I am still on an owl kick….


What have you been up to lately? Do you plan and make lists ahead of time? Do you drink coffee?

-Meyan Rose-


2 thoughts on “Let’s Catch Up!

    • Thank you! Well I have been planning to take on a higher position on a new institution. I used to be afraid of taking positions where I have people under me although my friends say that I am more than ready for those kinds of responsibilities especially with my qualifications… But now I am taking chances and I am hoping for the best. For the BIG change, I may do a post about it. It is a bit personal though, so I don’t know if my followers would care to read it 🙂


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