The Secret Life of a Book Blogger Tag


It has been a while. But then I try to remember where all the days have gone and I have no idea whatsoever. Before anything else, how are you lovely people of the book community? I missed yah! Really! So when I was able to (finally) get hold of my laptop and check my notifications, I saw that I was tagged by @alwaysopinionatedgirl so thank you girl! Oh and go and click that link to check out her blog as well for her answers to these questions! And now on to the tag:

How long have you been a blogger?

Before this one, I have had a blog years ago which was pretty much neglected a lot. Then December of 2014 I decided to be more committed in blogging so technically, I have been “really blogging” for a little more than a year now.

At what point do you think you will stop?

Not anytime soon I can tell you that. So far, this book blogging journey has been sooo positive and SOOOOO much fun and I don’t see myself stopping for quite some time.

What is the best thing?

I wish I could say all the books I read, but then that is always a given. In reality, I honestly think that the best thing on this whole journey was all the people I have met, book bloggers, readers, and authors as well. I went into blogging and writing as an outlet for me to express things I would not have normally expressed in person. Also, I knew, and I have said it from the very beginning, that I wanted to meet new people, and make new friends because I decided that I should make an effort to reach out and explore the world.

What is the worst thing? What do you do to make it okay?

I had to think on this for a good while. Worst thing? There is nothing terribly bad about all this really, but, I guess the pressure that comes with the huge book blogging community. From hyped books to unpopular bookish opinions, I think there are certain pressure points that we have to go through as bloggers. Especially if you tend to feel insecure from “bigger” blogs you follow. But then, I always remind myself WHY I STARTED BLOGGING and it always makes me focus on blogging for me and just staying true to myself (cliches anyone?).

How long does it take you to create/find pictures to use?

Usually, before I start typing, I already have an idea of what the main image/title image my post will have, so looking for backgrounds and patterns for those isn’t really difficult. Also, and this is a tip I can share, I always download or save all the images, GIFs, etc. that I will use for that post because I find that it saves me a lot of time and provides for a smoother construction of a blog post. This is especially because I handwrite my reviews before I type them.

Who’s your book crush?

I have had A LOT. If we are to talk about all of them, we would be here for a long, long time. How is anyone supposed to have only one? Like really. But, if you ask me for the ones at this very moment, I have two I can think off the top of my head. Lestat (my love forever) from The Vampire Chronicles, Prince Aldrik from the Air Awakens Series (swooning big time) and Vel from the Razia Series (the feels from this boy..just…).

Which author would you like to have on your blog?

Of course, J.K. Rowling is an obvious choice, like duh?!?! Anne Rice (THE queen), Elise Kova, S. Usher Evans, Philippa Gregory. Oh! Did it just ask for one? These tags always ask for the impossible!

What do you wear when you write your blog?

For some reason I found this question really weird, not to mention awkward haha! For me, it would be house clothes. I usually write at home on my desk so I am usually on my chill clothes.

How long does it take you to prepare?

It depends on the post I am making. If it requires more research and links and images, then it would probably take me more than one sitting (a.k.a. day) but usually it does not take me long. However, I tend to be one who writes last minute which I SERIOUSLY want to change will I will make sure especially now that I am into planning a lot!

How do you feel about the book blogger community/culture?

Like I said, it has been such a positive experience. I find that this community is so open and welcoming to everyone even those who have differing opinions. I think this is a healthy community where people with a common passion discuss opinions and beliefs in a non-judgmental manner, respecting each other’s differences. The fellow readers, book bloggers, and even authors (who I previously thought were kind of snobs) have been nothing but kind to me and I love being a part of this community. Of course no system/ community is perfect and there are things we are sad about and we wish would change. But overall, it is one place I will not tire of being a part of.

What do you think one should do to have a successful blog?

I don’t think there is an exact recipe to blogging success. However, I believe that staying true to yourself is the best way. I love to read blogs where the bloggers seem like they are talking to you and telling you a story about something. For one, my blog is not big at all, but I am very happy, and very proud as to where I am right now. What I can only do is to work harder on it.

Who do you tag?

Go and check (follow) their blogs. They are amazing bloggers!

Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight

Aimee @ Redheaded Book Lover

Ava @ Bookishness and Tea

Sarah@ The YA Book Traveler

Vane, Evelyn, and Tash @ Books With Chemistry

Paul @ The Galaxial Word

Nori @ ReadWriteLove28


P.S. I know that the image up top has nothing to do with book blogging but I’ve told you right? Owl-kick/ obsession. It’s a thing.

-Meyan Rose-


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