Songs I Wish Were Books

So… this post should be a TTT post, but I have been soooo pre-occupied that I totally forgot to post it. I know, I am sorry. I don’t take credit for this idea obviously, because this is one of the themes given for Top Ten Tuesdays set for February 16.

Anyway, people have been asking me if I happen to listen to music while I read. Honestly, most of the time I do. I love music, and I tend to listen to music very often especially during idle time, like riding the, or waiting in line, or having coffee by myself. When I was in college, I used to listen to music even while reviewing for exams or doing homework. It does not distract me at all, in fact, I think it makes me focus more, plus the fact that it shuts out my surroundings. So naturally, I would do it while I read as well. When I saw this theme I thought, what a genius idea. Of course, songs tell stories as well, and there are songs I would love to be turned into stories, fantasy or not. This is in no particular order.

Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift.

I have to be honest, most of this has got to do with the music video. Not the love story between two actors bit, nooo, but the wild and the safari and the beautiful landscape. And the line from the song “Say you’ll remember me…” just sounds so sad but mysterious at the same time.

You and Me by Lifehouse

When I hear this song, I get all fuzzy and warm inside. I don’t know why. But when I thought about it a lot, well I think this would be a great song for a fantasy novel. Something to do with time travel or being able to be at multiple time frames at once. And this song is just feels…

My Sacrifice by Creed

This was a huge song back then. Well at least for me. For me, it tells the story of a person reconnecting with someone from the past whom he had to leave in exchange of his dreams. This person he had to sacrifice to find something better for himself. It’s a sad story of having to leave someone you feel absolutely free and carefree and happy when you are with to find yourself and chase your dreams. It’s a song of reminiscing happy memories, told from a heart which is longing, and sad, and probably regretful of having let go of something true.

Iris by Goo Goo Dolls

And I don’t want the world to see me, coz’ I don’t think that they’d understand.When everything’s made to be broken, I just want you to know who I am.

First of all, I know you just sang to yourself. Second, tell me this doesn’t sound like a bad ass song to an epic high-fantasy novel about a sinister hero and his dame who happens to be a warrior torn between how she was raised and who she is and what she is coming to believe about the world. This is one of my all-time favorite songs and I always burst out singing when I hear this song.

See You Again by Wiz Khalifa

Now this song makes me want to cry EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Admittedly, I am a die-hard Fast and the Furious fan. Like really. From the moment I saw the first one, I have been a fan. When Paul Walker died and Fast 7 was released, I was teary eyed when it ended. Rightfully, this song was an ode to a friend lost too early, and a promise of friendship beyond death. It’s an emotional song, telling how friendship is family, and how you can find it in random places. I type this and I remember the movie ending and… excuse me while I ball my eyes out. Just make this into a book NOW.

Secrets by One Republic

Yes, this is that song from the movie The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and rightly so too. I feel like the intro to this song has magic, really. It’s a song about baring it all, and doing it in front of a person you are willing to bet your life on. It doesn’t have to be romantic. When I hear this song I think of rain soaked, bloodied from war, former allies turned against each other by lies and conspiracy, facing each other with the choice of fighting ’til death or defying the odds and facing the wrath of gods. Too much? I know.

Ghost by Jake Miller

I’ve recently been addicted to this song. It sends such a powerful message to issues the youth are facing today. It’s a song about empowerment, and belonging, and knowing that there is always someone for you. This would be such a good contemporary.

One Call Away by Charlie Puth

To me this is such a light-hearted song. I promise to stick around for the long haul. Simple. When I listen to this I think of an ending scene, when characters go separate ways yet promise to always come whenever the other needs help.

Mirrors by Justin Timberlake

When you lose someone that you idolize and respect and look up to from all the people you have known, you tend to deny, and bargain for more. This song is just like that. It is harder, especially, when you know that you are losing them and can’t do anything about it. Should you fight to keep them with you and let them suffer or let them go, free them of misery, and deal with the unbelievable grief? Sounds like a good book to me.

In The End by Linkin’ Park

I don’t even know why. I listen to this song and I seem to think about Assassins Creed or something. I just feel like it should be a book about warriors and kick ass females.

That’s it! What song would you like to be turned into a book?



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