Water’s Wrath is out now!


Whew this is a very busy week for cover reveals and book releases! Today, and I am admittedly a bit late on this, I have for you the Water’s Wrath release! This is such an exciting time for me as one of my favorite series comes out with another book! Here are all the links you need, all the information you need about the author, and …. wait for it…. A GIVEAWAY! (If you know that reference then we are sisters indeed).

Here are the links for you:


Now for the giveaway! This giveaway is open only to residents of the Philippines. I am going to try to include everyone in my next giveaways 🙂 I designed the notepads myself. Any of the prizes should not be sold. Giveaway ends on May 27 11:59 PM EST.

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Elise Kova, YA Fantasy Author



Top Ten Tuesday: Bookworm Delights told in GIFs!


Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the BookishGo and check them out because they have some amazing reviews for you!

This weeks theme was things that bookish people find some kind of joy or satisfaction or warm fuzzy feelings from aka Bookworm Delights! So of course, I am down for it because I know most of you wonderful people have these kinds of things too! Then I had this crazy idea of tell my story with GIFs. I am so excited to see what you guys list!

The smell of a book


I know I am not the only book sniffer around here! There is just something about the smell, and feel of a physical book that gives a strange satisfying feeling.

Book Mail


Need I say more?

That moment when you find yourself nodding while you say “Right?!?! Let’s drink to that!”


There are those rare, precious moments when you just want to scream “Yaaasss honey!” To Kill a Mockingbird gave me that.


Book Sales!


Yup. It seems like money hates you and magically leaves your wallet during book sales. I feel ya honey, I feel ya!

Discovering a good book from thrift shops (and seeing marks from the previous owner)

giphy (3)

I love this. Maybe it’s weird. Is it just me? I feel like reading previously owned books, and seeing the things they marked or the things they wrote or the ones they highlighted make me wonder what kind of person bought this book, read it, and just decided to give it away. I wonder where they are from, what they do. I try to guess their personality by the marks on their books. I feel like I become a part of the book’s journey.

Rainy days + warm drink + cozy couch (or bed) + fluffy blanket + socks



Very few comes close to how good this feels. VERY FEW.

When one loves a book you recommend


This is probably the one time I would be happy when someone says this to me. Don’t you just love it when you introduce someone to a book and 2 days later she says

“This is all your fault.”

When another gets your reference from a book


Admit it. Booknerd inside jokes are the best.

That moment when you finish a book and tries to process everything


Just. One. More. Chapter.


I give myself a good laugh every time I say this to myself and then look at my phone and it’s freakin’ 5AM. What is so satisfying is that despite the lack of sleep, I just fed the hungry reader in me and I am fine with that. Plus I now know who killed the wife 🙂

The thrill of choosing which book to buy/read first

tangled-rapunzel singing-reading-books-animated-gif

This, people, is the exact opposite of a reading slump.

Conversations with fellow booklovers

giphy (4)

Oh my goodness this is just heaven. Having someone you can squeal and fangirl with is sooooo satisfying not to mention comforting haha! Isn’t that why you are here right now?

That feeling when you enter a bookstore/library


I don’t know why but when I saw this, I imagine the Game of Thrones theme playing. It’s like entering the realm of wonder. MAKE. WAY.


OR, you can enter the other way and say, “I got this”.

And that is my list for this week!

What are your Bookworm Delights?

Do any of you experience the ones I listed?



The Island Release Blitz!


You guys, this is the day! Today is the release day of the first Madion War Trilogy book The Island! Here are all the links you need, plus a snippet of book. There is also another giveaway (besides the one I have in yesterday’s post) from the lovely S. Usher Evans for some awesome swag! If you wish to know what I think about this book and enter my giveaway, then click here.

Buy The Island for eBook, Paperback, and Hardcover.

Giveaway from the Author

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The Island Sneak Peek




“Yep,” he observed, with a smirk on his face. Up close, he was every bit as handsome as I’d seen in pictures. “You definitely got what you deserved. Shouldn’t have shot at me.”

“You shouldn’t have invaded my country.”

His eyes widened for a moment and I thought I’d finally done something to wipe that smile off his face. To my supreme annoyance, he tilted his head back and let out a throaty laugh.

“Oh, you are witty,” he said, nodding. “And technically right. But it wasn’t my decision. I was, as they say, just following orders.”

“And I was just following orders when I blew you out of the sky.”

“Aren’t we at an impasse then?” He seemed to be enjoying this conversation. He looked down at the side of my ship and read the inscription. “Theo, huh? Well, you must be a pretty high ranking pilot then. I hear the Ravens only allow you to put your name on your ship after you’ve survived plenty of battles.”

I moved out of anger, but the pain in my legs came roaring up my body. “Please let me die in peace,” I asked, unable to look at him.

“Oh, you aren’t going to die today. But it would probably be safer if I pulled you out. I don’t like the look of that fuel leak.”

He leaned into my small cabin. If I’d had half a mind, I could’ve snapped his neck, but it was hard enough just to breathe. He found my seat strap and unhooked it, then lifted me out by my arms. I couldn’t help but scream.

“Yeow, buddy,” he said, stopping. He put one hand over his ear and muttered. “You sure got a girly scream.”

“My legs are caught. Just leave me here. I’m as good as dead anyway.”

“Naw, then who am I going to talk to while I wait to get picked up?” He sounded like he was waiting for dinner. “C’mon, we can get you out of here. Just take a deep breath. One…two…”

I didn’t hear him count to three as he yanked my legs out of the mess and I screamed again, the pain so bad I almost lost consciousness. But, blessedly, it subsided, and the next thing I knew, he was laying me on the ground.

“There, now, Theo of Raven, let’s take a look at you,” he said, taking my helmet off.



Theo was a girl.

A pretty girl.

I’d always thought Raven women were more interesting looking than Kylaen women—with their olive skin and black hair, they seemed to draw my attention. And this girl, something about her made my head spin.

Even with her mangled, bloody legs.

They were a sight: dark red staining her gray jumpsuit.

“Thank you, Dr. Maitland,” I said, cracking open the bag he’d given me and sliding on the pair of latex gloves.

She murmured something. The amount of blood she’d lost was a real concern, and she was most likely concussed. I would worry about the head injury later; it wouldn’t matter much if she died from blood loss.

“What are you doing?” she croaked.

“Pardon the invasion of privacy,” I said, flashing her my trademark smile.

I unzipped her jumpsuit and pulled it down, exposing a white bra and underwear and nothing else. Immediately, her skin puckered with goosebumps as I tossed away the soaked dark gray suit.

“Are you still with me, Theo?”

She blinked, but didn’t respond.

“Okay, I’m going to examine you now,” I said, leaning over her bare legs. I pressed my hands to her hips, and she reacted, swiftly, sitting up so fast she nearly whacked her forehead to mine.

“Get your filthy hands off of me,” she hissed, her breath touching my face.

About the Author

View More: http://ashleyvictoriaphotography.pass.us/whitneyevansS. Usher Evans is an author, blogger, and witty banter aficionado. Born in Pensacola, Florida, she left the sleepy town behind for the fast-paced world of Washington, D.C.. There, she somehow landed jobs with BBC, Discovery Channel, and National Geographic Television before finally settling into a “real job” as an IT consultant. After a quarter life crisis at age 27, she decided consulting was for the birds and rekindled a childhood passion for writing novels. She sold everything she owned and moved back to Pensacola, where she currently resides with her two dogs, Zoe and Mr. Biscuit.

Evans is the author of the Razia series, Madion War Trilogy, and Empath, published by Sun’s Golden Ray Publishing.

Check her out on the below social medias:

BOOK REVIEW: The Island by S. Usher Evans + Giveaway!

Prince Galian is third in line to the throne, but prefers his place as a resident at the Royal Kylaen Hospital. When his father urges him to join the military to help reclaim their colony, Galian is forced to put aside his oath to Do No Harm and fight a war he does not believe in.
Across the great Madion Sea, Captain Theo Kallistrate dreams of a day when she is no longer bound by conscription to fight for her country’s independence. But when the Kylaens threaten, honor and duty call her to the front lines to fight off the oppressors.
When an air skirmish goes wrong, both Theo and Galian crash on a remote island hundreds of miles from either nation. Grievously injured, Theo must rely on Galian’s medical expertise, and Galian must rely on Theo’s survival skills, to live another day in a harsh and unforgiving terrain.
Can they put aside their differences long enough to survive? Or will the war that brought them to the island tear them apart?

Hello everyone! Today I have a really exciting post for you all in celebration of The Island’s release tomorrow, April 26. I have been bombarding you for sometime about how much I love a book which I am a street team member for and now, I can finally tell you guys everything about it, including my thoughts and the feels and more! This review is spoiler free so you are safe peeps! Also, if you an be a bit patient to read through the end of my review, there will be a giveaway in store for you! Yes!

Coming in to this book, I had really high hopes, and perhaps expectations for it since I have been OBSESSED with Double Life (Razia Series Book #1). And this early, I want to tell you, all of you, that I was not disappointed! I could go on and just mumble about how I liked this book, but of course, being the good (ahem) blogger that I am, I will discuss them further and try to be more helpful than my usual self.


Honestly, a lot. I think the world building was on point. Now I may have some bias on this because my father was in the Air Force when he was still in the military service. And so, I was familiar with air crafts, maintenance, and mechanics, and hangars, and barracks, and the lot. So for that, I was able to relate early on. However, in retrospect, had I not been in my circumstance, I think I still would have been able to relate after some time. The situation surrounding Theo and why things were that way was told clearly. Of course, the situation with Galian had some relation with me as well because I too work in the medical field. The moral and professional sentiments he expressed were not entirely alien to me.

Also, I think that how the world’s situation was explained well, appealing to the hearts of those who value democracy and freedom (which is probably all of us). You tend to take sides 5 pages in. Clever if I may say so, because by the last 3 pages, you will question that loyalty you held throughout the book. You think you have weighed out everything and made a firm decision but nope! Things are just getting started my friend.

The entire premise of the book was great, of warring lands, with a much deeper and thought-provoking underlying cause to it. It is not entirely a story of love in a war torn country. Because if it is, you know I would have junked it. For me, it is a book of loyalty, and principles, and love, and politics, and choices, and the moral consequences of war. To believe and trust in someone you are raised and trained to hate, and the string of choices you have to make along with it is what makes this book beyond what it looks like.

The story’s pacing was perfect. Although there were a bunch of things needed to be explained and a lot of the conversations carried much information, there was enough pause for a lot of the scenes. What I mean is that, there are moments which needed just a teeny tiny bit more time, just a little drag on the time to let readers get immersed in those moments, before getting their hearts broken to pieces again. Those moments, were generously given to readers in this book. Looking back, I could say A LOT has happened to the characters in this book, BUT, it is surprising to say that it wasn’t a very thick, heavy read.

Now, for the one thing you know I look for in books. Both characters had interesting back stories to them, and I liked that there was not much mystery to where they came from or what they did in the past because that would have been too much. But, the character development both of them underwent during the course of the book was to me, exactly what was needed. You see them change perspective, and challenge their long-held beliefs, but they stay true to their nature, and true to their hearts. There were no dramatic change of loyalties, but internal conflicts that should be natural were present.


The ending. Yup, I said it. What? No it was not a bad ending. It was just that it ended so soon! One minute I was furiously flipping the pages and then poof! I hit the back cover and my booknerd self cried. Why do this Whitney?

If you have read my review of Double Life (if not yet, click here), then I know you may be wondering if I liked this better. And the honest answer is no. In my review, I gave Double Life a much deserved 4.5/5 rating. For this one, it came really close.


And now for my giveaway!

This Giveaway is for Philippine residents only (sorry international peeps!). I will try to include everyone in my next ones. This is the first giveaway I am hosting so I am still testing stuff out! Expect better ones to come. I designed the notepads myself and I have a thumbs up from the author (thanks Whitney!) for them. These prizes should not be sold.

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PS. Check out this blog again tomorrow for all the Release day post and all the links + another GIVEAWAY!

COVER REVEAL: Crystal Crowned by Elise Kova + Giveaway


Hello everyone! I am so happy to bring you this post I am pretty sure you can hear me giggling from your side of the universe. So if you have been following me for a while, then you would know that I am a part of a wonderful family called the Tower Guard.  If you have not been following me yet, then it is never too late and hit that follow button on the right *wink* Here is a digital hug as a perk of you joining in!


Anyway, back to the topic of this post, ever since I read Air Awakens which is the first book to the series, I have declared my love and loyalty for it. And now that I am about to share the cover reveal for the last installment in the series, the feels guys… the feels. I mean, how is it that we are in the LAST BOOK? How? How?!?!?! Elise, why do this to me?

If you haven’t read Air Awakens yet, I seriously suggest you do and you won’t be disappointed. If you need more talking into reading this series, give me a message and I will gladly do it. I promise I will lay low on the giggling and screaming and weeping and all the feels. So, are we ready for the reveal of (in my opinion) the best cover in the whole series?


Let us all take a moment of silence for the beauty that is this cover. I mean look at that! Absolute perfection!

Crystal Crowned Synopsis

Long live Solaris.

One bloodthirsty ruler has been overthrown by another, casting the shadow of death over the Solaris Empire. Vhalla Yarl stands upon the stage of fate, prepared to do battle one final time. Fragile alliances will be tested and new bonds will be formed as the world is reshaped. She fights as the champion of peace, but when the night is darkest will she be able to pay the price of a new dawn?

And to make this day even sweeter, Elise has a raffle for you all lovely humans!

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Crystal Crowned Preorder Links

Previous Books Buy Links

Air Awakens

Fire Falling
Earth’s End

Water’s Wrath (Pre-order)

Goodreads Links

About the Author

Elise Kova has always had a passion for storytelling. She wrote her first novella, a high-fantasy, in sixth grade. Over the years she’s honed her love of literature with everything from fantasy to romance, science fiction to mystery, and whatever else catches her eye.

Elise lives in Saint Petersburg, Florida, where she’s currently working on the next installment in her debut YA fantasy series: Air Awakens. She enjoys video games, anime, table-top role playing games, and many other forms of “geekdom.” She loves talking with fans on Twitter (@EliseKova) and Facebook.

Follow Elise Kova on Goodreads

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My Website: http://www.EliseKova.com

Follow her around!

So! While you bathe in the beauty of this cover, I suggest you go and pick up Air Awakens and see how a guy who pushed a girl from the top of a tower can be so damn attractive! Oh, and don’t forget to give Elise a huge hug for being such a good citizen of the world in giving us this series.

PS In totally unrelated stuff, my Top Ten Tuesdays Post will be up after this one. Toodles!

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten (or six) Books Every Thriller Lover Should Read


Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the BookishGo and check them out because they have some amazing reviews for you!

Hey everyone! I am back at it with the Top Ten Tuesdays! For this week, I have chosen to to feature books I think thriller addicts should read. Now, before any of you start screaming at me for not having ten (as it is obviously TOP TEN TUESDAYS), I am aware of this glitch and I apologize in advance. I could have chosen a different genre and I would have probably completed the list or exceeded it even. However, I decided to go with this because I feel like I have not really talked much about my love for thrillers. I used to be so obsessed with them they were the only ones I would ever dare to pick up. As time passed, well, fantasy and other genres silently crept through. I will say though that as soon as I looked at the books I listed, they may not be the most popular choices but I really do think they deserve the shout out. All images are linked to their Goodreads pages.

Also, before anything else, I have not included any Stephen King book here because, well, it’s kind of a given right? 

The Witching Hour by Anne Rice


This book sent chills down my spine and made me look behind me sooo many times it’s not even funny. This book just scared the hell out of me, but kept me wanting more. Now maybe it is not technically a full on thriller, since it has more of the fantasy flavor to it, but this book will keep you on your toes the whole time. This made me so jumpy. And don’t even try reading this and then look out your window. I warned you.

Gone, But Not Forgotten by Philip Margolin


I read this when I was  freshman in college and I never forgot it ever since. It was so gripping I could not put it down. I remember devouring it, only to find out that my first guess was right but then I dismissed it and blamed this other person who apparently is a good person and now the heroine is in grave danger and I could do nothing to help her. There was just the vibe of the mysterious lives of the affluent that gave it a certain charm.

She’s Not There by Mary-Ann Tirone Smith


I stumbled upon this book at a book sale and to be honest, I kind of struggled with the first part of the book. But as soon as it picked up with the pacing you cannot stop flipping the pages. This, I would say, would be my least favorite of this bunch, but it is still a good crime thriller. And you CANNOT guess who the real culprit is.

Past Mortem by Ben Elton


This was a recommendation from my sister. Well, technically, she did not REALLY recommend it. What she actually did was rant about this book all day while she was reading it and I am pretty sure she talked me into reading this one by day 2. And I am telling you, my sister was absolutely right. It touches on a vital social issue and how it go all down south for the people involved. So if you are a mean girl/boy, I suggest you read this and get a life.

Death Rounds by Peter Clement


This was my first ever medical thriller. I loaned it to a friend and now it is NOWHERE to be found. But, because it was such a good book, I could never forget how it kept me on the edge of my seat (or bed) all the time I was reading it. It was so gripping and riveting that it felt almost too real! I guess part of my fascination with it was because I was entering the health car field at that time and I could just relate to the jargon better. However, I think even those without medical knowledge can enjoy this book too! I mean, who doesn’t want a psychopath killing medical professionals (who should be taking care of infected patients by the way) with a superbug in their very own hospital like launching a biological war or something?

Never Never #1 by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher


Admittedly, I haven’t finished this trilogy yet. But, I really did like this book. A LOT. I already did a more comprehensive review on this so if you would like to know why I so recommend this one, then click here to read the full post.

Confession: I still have one. But, I could not, for the life of me, remember the title or where the hell it is. It is another medical thriller (as you would expect) and I though it was good as well. IF I find it, I will update this post and let you guys know.

So that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this list and I really hope you click on the covers and check out their synopses and reviews.

Do you read thrillers? If yes, what are your favorites?

Reading slump + Planning + Wellness Shenanigans

catch up

I recycled this image. Yes. We’re cool with it right? 

So… I’ve been such a lazy blogger these past few days. Oh my goodness I was procrastinating like nobody’s business. And I know some of us get those weeks too, but boy am I glad that I am slowly rising from my slumber. Then I open my  notifications and well, I am missing out is an understatement. In my previous post  I promised to post a catch up and here I am, being a good blogger and fulfilling that promise.

So what shall I say first. I have been busy with my DIY planner these past few weeks and I think my blog is unhappy with that. They are probably at war with each other right now. BUT. Peace will soon reign over both because my planner is actually the reason why I am typing today. My bossy planner just told me to post this update because it said so. I am using my planner to manage and schedule my blog better so hopefully I will be better at this. 

I have been recently obsessed with making my own stickers and weekly kits and monthly kits and functional stickers and journal cards and oooookay… breathe…. I have been thinking if I should include this planner “journey” to this blog or if I should just stick to my Instagram account for it. What do you think? Comment down below!

I am on a huge reading slump. Like really huge! I try looking at my kindle library and my stack of books which is probably yelling at me but nuh-uh. My brain just decided to betray me. I will be re-reading a book that I will be doing a review for and hopefully it will get me out of this recent slump. 

I am on a wellness journey! Are you happy for me? Yeah? In the recent letter I wrote to myself (which is attached to my planner) I told myself I am willing to do this now, and do it properly, and succeed at doing it. I hope you all pray for me and hope that I get through this smiling so if you have tips and advice for me, I welcome ALL of them.

Lastly, I want to share this phrase from my letter which is more like a pep talk to myself.

I am ready to run again. Once again, I will chase my dreams and stop at nothing. Lord guide me. I will rise out of this slump and hustle towards goals. I do this for my family – my life and soul. I do this for myself.

Am I making sense to you right now? I feel like my mind is so jumbled I am making zero sense to you who should receive an award for patiently enduring this post up to this point. I am thinking of doing a more personal blogpost talking about where I am in my life right now but I am on the fence about it so I am not too sure. But anyway, I have missed the book community soooo much I am more than ready to jump back in!

I missed interacting with you guys!

Do you use a planner?

What do you do when you are on a reading/blogging slump? 

Lousiest Street Team Member EVER


Totally have no idea how to start this blog post without you lovely people judging me. Believe me, if I were you I would probably do that too. And I see those owl eyes looking scornfully at me. I’m telling you, this owl kick isn’t going away anytime soon.

So! I am here to redeem myself as a street team member. And I admit, I have been (probably) the lousiest one an author could have for the past few days. Like really. But like I said in my previous post, I will be doing an update blogpost soon so make sure (if you want) to watch out for that. Anyway, in this post I will be updating you, my lovely readers, of the goings-on with the books and authors I am street member for. Again, being a street team member means that I help these authors promote their books using this blog and my social media accounts. I am not sponsored or being paid to do so. Are we ready?

Madion War Trilogy


You guys, how can the days fly by so fast. One moment I am jumping around in happiness after receiving my ARC of The Island and the next we are just 3 weeks away from its release! Honestly, I am so happy for Whitney and cannot, cannot wait for all the peeps out their to have their hands on her newest trilogy. So now for the deets.

  • The Island (Madion War Trilogy Book 1) releases on April 26 and I am soooo excited! Can you tell?
  • In celebration for its release, I will be posting an early review of The Island a few days before the said release date.
  • There will be a wee bit of a giveaway on that post so stay tuned. I have to apologize in advance though, it will not be like the extravagant giveaways other bloggers are able to hook you guys up with. I am relatively new to this and still testing the waters. It will get better though, I promise!
  • If you are a blogger, first of all hello and welcome to my blog. Second, the Sush Street Team is still open for people to come and join. You will be such a great help to the team! If you ever to decide to join, please tell Whitney I sent you there and coerced  convinced you to join okay?
  • Even if you are not a blogger, you can still join street team and help spread word through your social media and talks over coffee or tea or milk.
  • There is a contest going on for some great swag over at her site for street team members, which I really need to get on. So if you want to win free stuff, go ahead and visit www.susherevans.com.
  • If you want to get a feel of what her other books are like, I have a review for one of her books Double Life (Razia Series Book 1) which you might want to check out. Just click here. I’m just gonna say, a lot of feels, and spirit animal status goin’ on in that review.
  • Seriously, go and read Double Life right now and you will not be sorry. How? click on the website and you will know *wink*

Follow her:

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Air Awakens Series


This series is going so fast I can’t even catch up! We are only 3 months in this year and Elise has already released the third book Earth’s End, will be soon releasing the fourth installment Water’s Wrath, and just recently had the cover and synopsis of the fifth book Crystal Crown. That is insane! Now I have been so bad at following up and reading this books as they release, but I am preparing for a huge binge read on this series which will probably break my heart to pieces and make me jump with joy at the same time but I am totally okay with that. If you wanna know why I am this emotional about this book, click here for my review of the first book Air Awakens. Now that I am boring you, let’s go down to business.

  • Water’s Wrath (Air Awakens Book 4) releases on April 26.
  • Of course, I will be posting about the the release and all the amazing stuff that will happen along with other street team members so stay tuned.
  • Again, there will be a wee bit of a giveaway!
  • The street team is still welcoming anyone and everyone who are willing to help spread out the word about this amazing series. There are so many perks and amazing stuff happening in the street team and you don’t want to miss out!
  • There is a really, REALLY cool (and genius) raffle going on at elisekova.comSo if you want the chance to have your name, or any other name of your choosing immortalized in a book to be read by thousands, click that link I just gave you. You’re welcome.
  • She has also updated her tour schedules on her site so if you live in the US and would like to pop in one of her signing events, check her website.
  • I ship Prince Aldrik and Vhalla really really hard. If I didn’t love Vhalla like a sister I would have totally stolen Aldrik from him. Just sayin.

Follow her:

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You saw that? I know you saw that. Yes, they are releasing on the same date. When I saw it I was like d*mn. What am I supposed to do now? My Twitter and Instagram’s gonna be busy on the 26th that’s for sure! But seriously, I love these books and both authors too. They are really lovely ladies and great human beings as well. Give them some love for me alright?

If you or anyone you know need convincing on reading any of the books I just mentioned, just tell me and I will be MORE THAN HAPPY to talk you in!


Let’s chat.

So what is going on with your life right now?

Missed you heaps!

The Deal with ARCs


Before I dive into this blog post, I just want to say hello. It’s been a while, I know, I know. And I am really bummed about it too. Are we still friends? We still are right? We all go through slumps right? I will make a post soon about where have I been and what have I been doing (or not doing) lately. I promise. Now onto the topic at hand.

As I was almost hopelessly trying to catch up on all the post I have missed out on all my favorite blogs, I came across this issue and I can’t help but give my piece of the cake to it as well. I have read the discussions by  Jess @ Princessica of Books and Claire @ Blankslaters Reads and if you want more thoughts on this, you can visit their posts here and here

First off, I just want to put it out there, I think ARCs are wonderful and are great ways to promote books which are yet to be released. They are ways to get reader feedback early on, so minor changes can be made if need be. They help create awareness about a certain book or author, and sort of create a buzz about new stuff. Indirectly, I also think that they become ways for readers, publishers, and authors connect and have intelligent discussions about books – after of course the natural flailing and/or helpless weeping.So in general, ARCs are good.

During the months that I have been involved in the book community here on the internet (wonderful people by the way) I saw how ARCs became a) a status symbol and b) a currency. Across all the social media platforms, it seems like ARCs just exploded out of nowhere and have rained on, as some would say, a privileged few. This statement may be contested, but it is a matter of discussion I am willing to engage into (so comment down below *wink*).

I am not gonna lie, I have been sent ARCs before, and I am very grateful for that. To be honest, I was surprised to be even contacted by an author. For a neophyte, that is a huge deal! They were indie books, but hey, no discrimination of any sorts. And like I have said before, some indie books and authors deserve much more credit and hype than they are getting. Now, some (or most) would say that if your get ARCs most people do not get their hands on, or if you have tons of ARCs being sent to you, then you are a HUGE DEAL as a book blogger. In my opinion, this is essentially true. The purpose of ARCs is for promotion like I’ve said earlier, so of course, the first ones on their list as to who gets ARCs sent to them would be the bloggers with a relatively larger following and readership. If you look at it with this point of view, then yes, I guess ARCs can be status symbols. HOWEVER, I do not think they should breed discrimination. Take me for example! I got ARCs and I am not even near 500 followers!

Also, I want to point out that the ‘larger’ book blogs have been around for quite some time, so they have built loyal readership (that a word? whatever). They’ve got time in. One thing I have learned in this journey is patience and hard work pays off.

Now, during the last few weeks, I have been seeing reactions about people selling ARCs or trading their ARCs. For the latter, I am all for it, but with the selling, I disagree. With the posts linked to this one, they have discussed a certain ‘special case’ where they ‘could probably justify’ selling the ARCs that a person owns. And though I disagree with selling something you got FOR FREE, maybe humane considerations get the best of me. Maybe offering them at a distinctly lower price? That is the only thing I would say about it as I still haven’t made a firm stand on that one.

Trading ARCs, I think, is a good way of spreading the word about books. That is the point after all right? The more people to talk about it the better. However, demanding for arm and leg in exchange for ARCs you own is not on my okay book. Advance Readers Copies are not meant to be used as currencies to obtain a certain amount of books. Nope.

If you started blogging, or want to start blogging just to get free books and ARCs. Stop. You are on the wrong track my friend.

And while we are on the topic of free books, discussion threads have dealt on the issue of some bloggers allegedly getting “paid” to post certain (5-star) reviews for books and authors. Well. This is a tough one to address. First of all, I believe in absolute transparency when it comes to reviewing books. Having said that, I think that receiving free books in exchange for only honest reviews is the way to go. After all, I write book reviews and posts about books because I want to share my opinions with others in the community as well. It is in my hope that my honest thoughts may be of help to others. But, I cannot say that the same is true for other bloggers. I am not naming anyone, or do I know someone who does, or am I saying that this really happens. All I can say is that as it is, I cannot condemn this activity. I am aware that people need to survive and doing that maybe one way of earning a living. What others do with their blogs is completely up to them, but personally, “selling” reviews in favor of the book is not something I will support or do. Absolutely not. Unless maybe you get paid to post your honest review.

So.. that is my  take on the ARC shenanigan.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Let’s chat about it. I am planning to request ARCs soon. Do you have any advice or tips for me?