Lousiest Street Team Member EVER


Totally have no idea how to start this blog post without you lovely people judging me. Believe me, if I were you I would probably do that too. And I see those owl eyes looking scornfully at me. I’m telling you, this owl kick isn’t going away anytime soon.

So! I am here to redeem myself as a street team member. And I admit, I have been (probably) the lousiest one an author could have for the past few days. Like really. But like I said in my previous post, I will be doing an update blogpost soon so make sure (if you want) to watch out for that. Anyway, in this post I will be updating you, my lovely readers, of the goings-on with the books and authors I am street member for. Again, being a street team member means that I help these authors promote their books using this blog and my social media accounts. I am not sponsored or being paid to do so. Are we ready?

Madion War Trilogy


You guys, how can the days fly by so fast. One moment I am jumping around in happiness after receiving my ARC of The Island and the next we are just 3 weeks away from its release! Honestly, I am so happy for Whitney and cannot, cannot wait for all the peeps out their to have their hands on her newest trilogy. So now for the deets.

  • The Island (Madion War Trilogy Book 1) releases on April 26 and I am soooo excited! Can you tell?
  • In celebration for its release, I will be posting an early review of The Island a few days before the said release date.
  • There will be a wee bit of a giveaway on that post so stay tuned. I have to apologize in advance though, it will not be like the extravagant giveaways other bloggers are able to hook you guys up with. I am relatively new to this and still testing the waters. It will get better though, I promise!
  • If you are a blogger, first of all hello and welcome to my blog. Second, the Sush Street Team is still open for people to come and join. You will be such a great help to the team! If you ever to decide to join, please tell Whitney I sent you there and coerced  convinced you to join okay?
  • Even if you are not a blogger, you can still join street team and help spread word through your social media and talks over coffee or tea or milk.
  • There is a contest going on for some great swag over at her site for street team members, which I really need to get on. So if you want to win free stuff, go ahead and visit www.susherevans.com.
  • If you want to get a feel of what her other books are like, I have a review for one of her books Double Life (Razia Series Book 1) which you might want to check out. Just click here. I’m just gonna say, a lot of feels, and spirit animal status goin’ on in that review.
  • Seriously, go and read Double Life right now and you will not be sorry. How? click on the website and you will know *wink*

Follow her:

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Air Awakens Series


This series is going so fast I can’t even catch up! We are only 3 months in this year and Elise has already released the third book Earth’s End, will be soon releasing the fourth installment Water’s Wrath, and just recently had the cover and synopsis of the fifth book Crystal Crown. That is insane! Now I have been so bad at following up and reading this books as they release, but I am preparing for a huge binge read on this series which will probably break my heart to pieces and make me jump with joy at the same time but I am totally okay with that. If you wanna know why I am this emotional about this book, click here for my review of the first book Air Awakens. Now that I am boring you, let’s go down to business.

  • Water’s Wrath (Air Awakens Book 4) releases on April 26.
  • Of course, I will be posting about the the release and all the amazing stuff that will happen along with other street team members so stay tuned.
  • Again, there will be a wee bit of a giveaway!
  • The street team is still welcoming anyone and everyone who are willing to help spread out the word about this amazing series. There are so many perks and amazing stuff happening in the street team and you don’t want to miss out!
  • There is a really, REALLY cool (and genius) raffle going on at elisekova.comSo if you want the chance to have your name, or any other name of your choosing immortalized in a book to be read by thousands, click that link I just gave you. You’re welcome.
  • She has also updated her tour schedules on her site so if you live in the US and would like to pop in one of her signing events, check her website.
  • I ship Prince Aldrik and Vhalla really really hard. If I didn’t love Vhalla like a sister I would have totally stolen Aldrik from him. Just sayin.

Follow her:

Twitter_logo                    instagram-logo

You saw that? I know you saw that. Yes, they are releasing on the same date. When I saw it I was like d*mn. What am I supposed to do now? My Twitter and Instagram’s gonna be busy on the 26th that’s for sure! But seriously, I love these books and both authors too. They are really lovely ladies and great human beings as well. Give them some love for me alright?

If you or anyone you know need convincing on reading any of the books I just mentioned, just tell me and I will be MORE THAN HAPPY to talk you in!


Let’s chat.

So what is going on with your life right now?

Missed you heaps!


9 thoughts on “Lousiest Street Team Member EVER

  1. These are the only two Street Teams I’m a part of and I’ve been failing them as well. But then again I just went on a hiatus from the whole community. But I seriously can’t wait for these two releases.


  2. Aww you aren’t a bad street team member! Hell, I forget that Facebook exists half the time, and when I finally remember I see that ALL the things have happened without me haha. I think that as long as you’re getting the word out there at some point, in some way, you’re definitely doing your “job”. Also, Water’s Wrath… OMG. Epic, I say!

    Liked by 1 person

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