Top Ten Tuesday: Ten (or six) Books Every Thriller Lover Should Read


Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the BookishGo and check them out because they have some amazing reviews for you!

Hey everyone! I am back at it with the Top Ten Tuesdays! For this week, I have chosen to to feature books I think thriller addicts should read. Now, before any of you start screaming at me for not having ten (as it is obviously TOP TEN TUESDAYS), I am aware of this glitch and I apologize in advance. I could have chosen a different genre and I would have probably completed the list or exceeded it even. However, I decided to go with this because I feel like I have not really talked much about my love for thrillers. I used to be so obsessed with them they were the only ones I would ever dare to pick up. As time passed, well, fantasy and other genres silently crept through. I will say though that as soon as I looked at the books I listed, they may not be the most popular choices but I really do think they deserve the shout out. All images are linked to their Goodreads pages.

Also, before anything else, I have not included any Stephen King book here because, well, it’s kind of a given right? 

The Witching Hour by Anne Rice


This book sent chills down my spine and made me look behind me sooo many times it’s not even funny. This book just scared the hell out of me, but kept me wanting more. Now maybe it is not technically a full on thriller, since it has more of the fantasy flavor to it, but this book will keep you on your toes the whole time. This made me so jumpy. And don’t even try reading this and then look out your window. I warned you.

Gone, But Not Forgotten by Philip Margolin


I read this when I was  freshman in college and I never forgot it ever since. It was so gripping I could not put it down. I remember devouring it, only to find out that my first guess was right but then I dismissed it and blamed this other person who apparently is a good person and now the heroine is in grave danger and I could do nothing to help her. There was just the vibe of the mysterious lives of the affluent that gave it a certain charm.

She’s Not There by Mary-Ann Tirone Smith


I stumbled upon this book at a book sale and to be honest, I kind of struggled with the first part of the book. But as soon as it picked up with the pacing you cannot stop flipping the pages. This, I would say, would be my least favorite of this bunch, but it is still a good crime thriller. And you CANNOT guess who the real culprit is.

Past Mortem by Ben Elton


This was a recommendation from my sister. Well, technically, she did not REALLY recommend it. What she actually did was rant about this book all day while she was reading it and I am pretty sure she talked me into reading this one by day 2. And I am telling you, my sister was absolutely right. It touches on a vital social issue and how it go all down south for the people involved. So if you are a mean girl/boy, I suggest you read this and get a life.

Death Rounds by Peter Clement


This was my first ever medical thriller. I loaned it to a friend and now it is NOWHERE to be found. But, because it was such a good book, I could never forget how it kept me on the edge of my seat (or bed) all the time I was reading it. It was so gripping and riveting that it felt almost too real! I guess part of my fascination with it was because I was entering the health car field at that time and I could just relate to the jargon better. However, I think even those without medical knowledge can enjoy this book too! I mean, who doesn’t want a psychopath killing medical professionals (who should be taking care of infected patients by the way) with a superbug in their very own hospital like launching a biological war or something?

Never Never #1 by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher


Admittedly, I haven’t finished this trilogy yet. But, I really did like this book. A LOT. I already did a more comprehensive review on this so if you would like to know why I so recommend this one, then click here to read the full post.

Confession: I still have one. But, I could not, for the life of me, remember the title or where the hell it is. It is another medical thriller (as you would expect) and I though it was good as well. IF I find it, I will update this post and let you guys know.

So that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this list and I really hope you click on the covers and check out their synopses and reviews.

Do you read thrillers? If yes, what are your favorites?


16 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten (or six) Books Every Thriller Lover Should Read

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  1. Wait. Are books with crime investigation stuff like Women’s Murder Club by James Patterson considered a thriller book? Because if yes, then whew! I think I already read a thriller book. Is it?😀


    1. Sorry for a reply this late! I have read your list and it was really interesting! I have heard mixed reviews on The Girl on The Train though so I haven’t picked it up yet. How did you find it? Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Based on this list, I bet you’d enjoy: Where Death is a Hunter by Christopher Stookey. Fantastic medical thriller. Also, The Chimera Sequence by Elliot Garber. The epilogue makes me scream, so just stop before you get there. Also James Rollins’ Sigma Force series.

    I did my mine on Ten Hard Sci-Fi Books.


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