BOOK REVIEW: Creatura by Nely Cab


HOLY MOTHER I HAVE MISSED YOU GUYS SOOOOOO MUCH!!!! If that statement somehow didn’t let my point across, I don’t know what else will. As the statement with all caps suggest, I have been away for sooo long (longer than I should have been) and I have missed rambling away about my bookish thoughts and interacting with you guys. Oh and if you are new here, Hello! I am Meyan Rose. I love books and talk about them a lot.

Now to the actual point of this post…

Honestly, I cannot remember how in the world did I discover this book because I definitely did not see it on a new release something being that it was published in 2011. However, whatever the case may be, I am still glad (ish) that I discovered this book/series because I think it is a decent read.

Before anything else, I just want to say that this book is YA, and people may contest to this but to me, it is straight up a romance novel peppered with fantasy. This, to me, is one of those books I have mentioned before whose main base is romance which I may have also expressed before, is not my exactly my favorite. Having said that, it was surprising to me that this book didn’t turn me off. And although it had a sort of Insta-love (ish) situation, the twists of fate the characters went through was enough of a distraction to me. And thank goodness for not having a love triangle!!!

Also, I loved how the author mixed mythology within the story. I think that how she introduced them, and personified them was very well played. It was not the Percy Jackson kind of mythology-meets-reality kind of plot. The author took the genre to a different route. Plus, can I just say that mythology and literature in general was my favorite subject in high school? Other than Biology that is. I could talk on and on and on during class discussions about mythology and literary classics my teacher would tell me to just stop raising my hand.

The beginning of the story also gave such a gray feel to it, almost sinister. However, that quickly changed and not even a quarter into the book and the lovey-dovey mood was just all over the place. And from supposed teenagers too! What I mostly like about the book is how it has restored my faith in gentlemen still existing in this world. Like yaaasss!!! David was just swoon-worthy. I’m telling you ladies out there, swoon… I mean, he is technically not a teenager right? He is probably a few thousand years old, so he is absolutely of legal age.

If you ask me if there was one thing I absolutely hated about the book, I would say there is none really. But, there are stuff that I felt more than iffy about.

I just could not get over how incredibly stubborn Isis was bout the ex-boyfriend. Like, girl! Get your sh*t together and spare your friends from the scare! I understand that it was for the drama and it helped explain one teeny tiny detail but really? Not calling the police or not telling ANYONE for that matter about an obviously dangerous person? Seriously?

Also, there are probably huge cultural differences from the author’s perspective and where I come from and I totally respect that. But my mother would never allow me to leave with a guy I just knew that school year, who by the way became my boyfriend during the past few weeks, and be away from home for two whole months to a far away country. Just NO. And again, I say this from a readers perspective, and not judging if you would do the same if your were in her shoes and her age.

The writing was clear but was, shall I say, almost had a mysterious feel to it. Not the mystery that thrillers had. Just this light sort of mystery to it. Also, the story and the scenes were plotted out really well. The only issue I probably had was that some of the scenes can become too intense for the scene itself… get what I mean? Mostly from Isis. Don’t get me wrong, I think Isis is not half bad as well. I think Isis is the perfect heroine for the story. She acts her age, even with all the almost steamy scenes. She reflects the age’s confusions, naivete, outbursts, and curiosity. She IS a teenager, which some books now seem to ignore.

So, while I honestly think that it was a good read, I have to say this is not one to make me absolutely want to read the next. Having said that, I also think that with the proper audience, this is a great book.


And that’s it!! Thank you for reading this little ramble of mine.

Have you read this book? What do you think about it?

What was your favorite subject in school?


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