Life Update + Fairies, Cough, and a bunch of randomness


Alright. I am doing this. I have been thinking of writing something for about two weeks but never got around to doing it because I was sick like a dog. *cough* *cough* I am still trying to nurse myself back to health, but anyway, gosh I have missed doing this. It feels like forever!

So for today, I have planned the next few posts which will be seen in my blog. I have committed myself to making 2 book reviews (whew, God help me!), a post about romance novels, and a post about a good cause…

The last time I felt this sick was 4 years ago when I acquired (for he second time) Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever and it felt HORRIBLE. But I am slowly feeling better so that’s good. I have been reading A TON of blogs and watching loads of anime (sexy I know) to pass my time while I simmer in my own body heat, cough incessantly, and blow my nose like nobody’s around.

I’ve also been doing a lot of thinking on life and career and love and other important stuff like fairies and flying ships. I feel like I might be near that time when I have to leave home, for a very very long time. I don;t know, I just have that feeling. So yeah… Hope to be back on track ASAP…

How has your life been lately?


Tears and Sun


For in tears, I try to find solace

And in the water I try to find answers

Where are they?

They elude me so often

I wish to one day see

What it is that would make me smile

One that is sincere

One that is true

One that does not hide anything underneath

Will you listen to me?

Not hear, no, listen


You’re not alone in that

So let’s smile brightly

And squint while looking at the sun

Maybe we will find some treasure from afar

Yes, by looking at the sun