Why I Don’t Read Romance


This is bad. Sadly, I am developing the habit of writing in very unholy hours like 2:13 AM. And in case you are wondering, yes, that is the current time here where I live. It’s a problem I know.

I believe I said in my last post that I finally picked up The Covenant by Beverly Lewis and I also said that I hope to finish it this week. Well, this was what happened. I finished it in LESS THAN A DAY. I’ve already decided not to make a review about it just because I feel like everybody has made one and the reviews on Goodreads about the whole series are very detailed as well. Now that I have rambled about things unrelated to the title of this post, LET’S MOVE ON…

I think I have more than hinted about my let’s say, unpleasant relationship with romance novels. In fact the ONLY romance novel I have really ever liked, and by 372154saying that I mean love and hold dear is Love Story by Erich Segal. Unfortunately, I don’t have a copy with me here but I totally plan on buying one for myself just because I would re-read the living lights out of that book. Critiques on this book have been extremely bipolar and honestly it’s the kind of book you either hate or love.

No grey areas I’m afraid. Well, I love it and to those people saying it’s…


Anyway, since I read this what, maybe 10 years ago? Maybe more, I have never, ever found one that came close to how I adored it. Yup, not even Fault in Our Stars. Shocking, I know. I have tried, several times, to try and read romance novels. The ones which really tackle love as its main theme and I have been disappointed or just felt ‘meh’ EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. So, I have tried to narrow it down on a few points. Disclaimer: Love Story is an exception to rule. Okay.

They will NEVER happen in real life.

Every time I get past the introductory chapters I’m just like “Girl that doesn’t even happen on planet Earth!” It gets so frustrating. I guess I like the realistic take on things like love on books. It just tugs at heartstrings much more effectively and sincerely. Why can’t they just capture street-love rather than TV-love.. you know what I’m sayin’?

They are too freakin’ dramatic!

Everything feels like an emergency. Like chill people, he bought flowers, so? Did he kiss and makeout? Did I miss that part? No? Then stop glaring, shut up and be a lady! Don’t even start being overly melodramatic on me. I’m not even kidding.

Why do they ALWAYS play dumb?

People are probably hating on me right now, but hey, to each is his own right? You know when you read something which is as clear as daylight a sign that the characters are so into each other and one suddenly decides to be oblivious and not know anything? Yep, that moment when you say ‘What the f—” Yes, those ones.

Making People Cry

This is apparently a trend and a measure of how good a book is. I DISAGREE. I didn’t shed one bit of tear for FIOS but I thought it was a good book, although I would have to say it wasn’t a romance novel in essence. It’s more like a novel about life. A good tearjerker I feel comes naturally. And some authors do that beautifully. Sometimes it becomes evident that they try too hard. Sad is okay.. let’s not make everything about tears and sobs.

I’ve seen that before haven’t I?

Sometimes they can get cliche. Like same story and plot and you guess what was going to be the ending by the first 50-75 pages. Don’t they think people are jaded with girls or boys falling in love and one dies or one is poor or one is sick or one is sinfully hot and gets the girl because he is not who he seems he is.

Please don’t get me wrong, I really like a good love story when it is skillfully crafted within a book whose focus is not romance. I root for couples in books. I just feel like character development is so important in writing good love angles and focusing too much on “the love story” takes away the simple element of personality for each character to be effective love interests.

Do you like romance novels? Which books can you recommend? I will try some time to dabble in romance reading but for now I think I’m good. 🙂


18 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Read Romance

  1. He’s rich and ofcourse handsome but secretly broken inside which apparently a choosen girl will heal. Only her. Fiction love stories are gettin really monotonous… For a change I wish realistic stories is the trend.

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    • Aahh, the magic of chances.. I forgot to discuss that Love story had a plot very similar to the ones being released in general. However, it was released I believe 1970 so I would guess that it’s the greatgrandparent of romance novels at present. What I loved about it was that #1 it didn’t have a complicating love triangle which would have been totally unnecessary and #2 it was simply a love story.. But like I said, I am completely biased to it so yeah.. thank you for reading and commenting!


      • Love story was short and sweet, have you read the sequel too?
        Talking about favourites, mine would be ‘one day’ by David Nicholls… The movie did no justice to it though I admit I read after watching it.

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      • Unfortunately not, actually let me rephrase that, I refuse to read the sequel haha! Movies can either be really awesome or flops when it comes to books that are well loved.


  2. I always find Sophie Kinsella’s books an occasional humorous approach to romance, particularly the Shopaholic books. I think this is because they don’t take it too seriously like some of the other books, which overdo it a bit sometimes. Thanks for posting 🙂

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  3. I have to agree with pretty much everything you said in your post. I used to be obsessed with Romance novels. Obsessed. However over the years I have found them to be very irritating and actually annoying! They all (to me) are the same, nothing is really special or unique about any of them and therefore I just find them beyond lacklustre. I hate reading them for many reasons: the poor protagonist, the dull/dumb writing, but also the fact that sometimes they make you cry! I hate crying at an epic love story I do, I find it draining and therefore I choose not to read these books now because I hate reading about a husband or wife dying, it breaks my heart. But maybe this is because I am married myself and the thought of living out my husband is completely gut wrenching.

    I have to say I am shocked you didn’t cry at the fault in our stars! However I understand why you didn’t, I feel like somebody has had to be touched in a way to cry and you didn’t and that is perfectly fine. I actually read the fault in our stars when I was much younger and I cried for days and days and days! This was because I was already married to my husband and again, living with out him is the worst thought imaginable! And years later my husband actually got ‘C’ (I hate saying the horrible word) and it broke my heart. I thought back to this novel and it was heartbreaking. But looking back on the novel it actually does much justice to how a person with the illness is feeling and also how Hazel was feeling, because it is tough on both of you, and I was always always there for my husband when he was ill (I said my wedding vows after all!). But yes! Sorry for this epic comment you just wrote a great post by the way. My husband is fine now by the way! He beat that horrible illness and is back to being a badass engineer lol. Keep writing !!!

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    • Ooh an engineer! I was about to type as soon as I saw that he had the big C about how he was. Thank goodness he is alright! I am a nurse, and one thing I totally have no idea bout are number and drawings so I have utmost respect for engineers and architects. Like a lot.. Also I don’t mind your epic comments, I enjoy them by the way. About FIOS, I liked the book, I really did. I thought it was written perfectly and had all the right things going on for it. BUT (that’s a big one right there), I didn’t actually love it because of the love angle. I loved it because it dealt with life and loss and bravery. Green just described life and its complications beautifully and for that he should be applauded. I liked how they Hazel Grace (loved her name by the way) and Augustus where smart and sassy. You don’t read that often with ‘sick’ characters. About the crying part, I guess I’ve cried myself out 3 years ago. I’m not sure you wanna hear it though. Sorry for the epic comment as well! Haha!


  4. Yes! Oh my goodness, yes. I am not good at straight up romance. At all. There needs to be something else- like the apocalypse, or someone running from dragons or something. Even in contemporary, I need more of a story that just the romance. You’re so right, so much of it is predictable and tropey. I am SO sick of the “bad boy” brooding in the corner. YAWN.

    I DO cry at all the things though. And I kind of like it 😉 And I did love TFIOS, though I agree that it was definitely not a romance book. Pssh, I can’t even recommend any, because I totally agree with you 😀

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  5. Hi Meyan I am not much of a love story reader. I like fantasy and adventure, history, epic novels, trilogies like Lord of the Rings. I have read some of Harry Potter. I tried to read Shades of Grey. I managed to get through the first novel but by the second novel it was just too hard to believe. I am currently reading The True History of Ned Kelly. Now that is a good read. I like your musings about love stories.

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    • I have to admit I’ve only read the first Harry Potter and I am planning on getting on with it sometime soon (or next year *wink*). Anyway, right from the bat I knew I wasn’t interested in 50 Shades and my opinion hasn’t changes about reading it or watching the movie. Just a no for me. BUT, I absolutely love historical novels!


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